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1    a large wooded area having a thick growth of trees and plants  
2    the trees of such an area  
3      (N.Z.)   an area planted with exotic pines or similar trees  
   Compare       bush   1       4  
4    something resembling a large wooded area, esp. in density  
a forest of telegraph poles     
5      (Law)   (formerly) an area of woodland, esp. one owned by the sovereign and set apart as a hunting ground with its own laws and officers  
   Compare       park       5  
6    modifier   of, involving, or living in a forest or forests  
a forest glade     
7    tr   to create a forest (in); plant with trees  
     (C13: from Old French, from Medieval Latin forestis unfenced woodland, from Latin foris outside)  
  forestal, foresteal      adj  
  forested      adj  
  forestless      adj  
  forest-like      adj  

Black Forest  
      n   the. a hilly wooded region of SW Germany, in Baden-Württemberg: a popular resort area,   (German name)    Schwarzwald  
Bohemian Forest  
      n   a mountain range between the SW Czech Republic and SE Germany. Highest peak: Arber, 1457 m (4780 ft.),   (Czech name)    Ceský Les     (German name)    Böhmerwald  
De Forest  
      n   Lee. 1873--1961, U.S. inventor of telegraphic, telephonic, and radio equipment: patented the first triode valve (1907)  
Epping Forest  
      n   a forest in E England, northeast of London: formerly a royal hunting ground  
1       (esp. in Malaysia) another name for       royal poinciana  
2    a papilionaceous tree, Butea frondosa, native to E India and Myanmar, having hanging clusters of scarlet flowers  
forest park  
      n     (N.Z)   a recreational reserve which may include bush and exotic trees  
forest ranger  
      n     (Chiefly U.S. and Canadian)   a government official who patrols and protects forests, wildlife, etc.  
gallery forest  
      n   a stretch of forest along a river in an area of otherwise open country  
New Forest  
      n   a region of woodland and heath in S England, in SW Hampshire: a hunting ground of the West Saxon kings; tourist area, noted for its ponies. Area: 336 sq. km (130 sq. miles)  
Petrified Forest  
      n   a national park in E Arizona, containing petrified coniferous trees about 170000000 years old  
Sherwood Forest  
      n   an ancient forest in central England, in Nottinghamshire: formerly a royal hunting ground and much more extensive; famous as the home of Robin Hood  
Thuringian Forest  
      n   a forested mountainous region in E central Germany, rising over 900 m (3000 ft.),   (German name)    Thüringer Wald  
virgin forest  
      n   a forest in its natural state, before it has been explored or exploited by man  
Waltham Forest  
      n   a borough of NE Greater London. Pop.: 221800 (1994 est.). Area: 40 sq. km (15 sq. miles)  
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