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1    not stale or deteriorated; newly made, harvested, etc.  
fresh bread, fresh strawberries     
2    newly acquired, created, found, etc.  
fresh publications     
3    novel; original  
a fresh outlook     
4    latest; most recent  
fresh developments     
5    further; additional; more  
fresh supplies     
6    not canned, frozen, or otherwise preserved  
fresh fruit     
7    (of water) not salt  
8    bright or clear  
a fresh morning     
9    chilly or invigorating  
a fresh breeze     
10    not tired; alert; refreshed  
11    not worn or faded  
fresh colours     
12    having a healthy or ruddy appearance  
13    newly or just arrived; straight  
fresh from the presses     
14    youthful or inexperienced  
15      (Chiefly U.S.)   designating a female farm animal, esp. a cow, that has recently given birth  
16    Informal   presumptuous or disrespectful; forward  
17      (Northern English)  
dialect   partially intoxicated; tipsy  
18    the fresh part or time of something  
19       another name for       freshet  
20    Obsolete   to make or become fresh; freshen  
21    in a fresh manner; freshly  
22    fresh out of  
Informal   having just run out of supplies of  
     (Old English fersc fresh, unsalted; related to Old High German frisc, Old French freis, Old Norse ferskr)  
  freshly      adv  
  freshness      n  

fresh breeze  
      n   a fairly strong breeze of force five on the Beaufort scale  
fresh gale  
      n   a gale of force eight on the Beaufort scale  
      adj   (of fish) newly migrated upstream from the sea, esp. to spawn  
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1    different, ground-breaking, latest, left-field     (informal)   modern, modernistic, new, new-fangled, novel, original, recent, this season's, unconventional, unusual, up-to-date  
2    added, additional, auxiliary, extra, further, more, other, renewed, supplementary  
3    bracing, bright, brisk, clean, clear, cool, crisp, invigorating, pure, refreshing, spanking, sparkling, stiff, sweet, unpolluted  
4    alert, bouncing, bright, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed     (informal)   chipper     (informal)   energetic, full of beans     (informal)   full of vim and vigour     (informal)   invigorated, keen, like a new man, lively, refreshed, rested, restored, revived, sprightly, spry, vigorous, vital  
5    blooming, clear, fair, florid, glowing, good, hardy, healthy, rosy, ruddy, wholesome  
6    dewy, undimmed, unfaded, unwearied, unwithered, verdant, vivid, young  
7    artless, callow, green, inexperienced, natural, new, raw, uncultivated, untrained, untried, youthful  
8    crude, green, natural, raw, uncured, undried, unprocessed, unsalted  
9      (informal)   bold, brazen, cheeky, disrespectful, familiar, flip     (informal)   forward, impudent, insolent, pert, presumptuous, sassy     (U.S. informal)   saucy, smart-alecky     (informal)  
1    dull, old, ordinary, stereotyped, trite  
3    impure, musty, stale, warm  
4    exhausted, weary  
5    pallid, sickly  
6    old, weary  
7    experienced, old  
8    preserved, salted, tinned  
9    well-mannered  

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A breath of fresh air n.
means a different approach or a welcome change to something. Ex.: anna has lots of wonderful ideas and motivation - she is a breath of fresh air.

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a very creative person; someone who is always able to come up with fresh ideas
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