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1    a resistance encountered when one body moves relative to another body with which it is in contact  
2    the act, effect, or an instance of rubbing one object against another  
3    disagreement or conflict; discord  
4      (Phonetics)   the hissing element of a speech sound, such as a fricative  
5    perfumed alcohol used on the hair to stimulate the scalp  
     (C16: from French, from Latin frictio a rubbing, from fricare to rub, rub down; related to Latin friare to crumble)  
  frictional      adj  
  frictionless      adj  

angle of friction  
      n     (Physics)   the angle of a plane to the horizontal when a body placed on the plane will just start to slide. The tangent of the angle of friction is the coefficient of friction  
coefficient of friction  
      n     (Mechanical engineering)   the force required to move two sliding surfaces over each other, divided by the force holding them together. It is reduced once the motion has started  
friction clutch  
      n   a mechanical clutch in which the drive is transmitted by the friction between surfaces, lined with cork, asbestos, or other fibrous materials, attached to the driving and driven shafts  
friction layer  
      n   the atmospheric layer extending up to about 600 m, in which the aerodynamic effects of surface friction are appreciable  
friction match  
      n   a match that ignites as a result of the heat produced by friction when it is struck on a rough surface  
   See also       safety match  
friction rub   , murmur  
      n     (Med)   the sound, heard through a stethoscope, made by the rubbing together of the two inflamed layers of pericardium in patients with pericarditis  
friction tape  
      n      the U.S. and Canadian name for       insulating tape  
friction welding  
      n   a form of welding in which the welding heat is generated by pressure and relative movement at the interface in the area of the weld  
rolling friction  
      n     (Engineering)   frictional resistance to rotation or energy losses in rolling bearings  
   Compare       sliding friction  
skin friction  
      n   the friction acting on a solid body when it is moving through a fluid  
sliding friction  
      n     (Engineering)   frictional resistance to relative movement of surfaces on loaded contact  
   Compare       rolling friction  
surface friction drag  
      n   the part of the drag on a body moving through a fluid that is dependent on the nature of the surface of the body,   (Also called)    skin friction  
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1    abrasion, attrition, chafing, erosion, fretting, grating, irritation, rasping, resistance, rubbing, scraping, wearing away  
2    animosity, antagonism, bad blood, bad feeling, bickering, conflict, disagreement, discontent, discord, disharmony, dispute, dissension, hostility, incompatibility, opposition, resentment, rivalry, wrangling  

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