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      n   a unit of heredity composed of DNA occupying a fixed position on a chromosome. A gene may determine a characteristic of an individual by specifying a polypeptide chain that forms a protein or part of a protein (structural gene); or regulate the operation of other genes (operator genes); or repress such operation (repressor gene)  
   See also       operon  
     (C20: from German Gen, shortened from Pangen; see pan-, -gen)  

complementary gene  
      n   one of a pair of genes, each from different loci, that together are required for the expression of a certain characteristic  
      suffix forming nouns      a variant of       -gen  
gene bank  
      n     (Botany)  
1    a collection of seeds, plants, tissue cultures, etc., of potentially useful species, esp. species containing genes of significance to the breeding of crops  
2       another name for       gene library  
gene clone  
      n      See       clone       2  
gene flow  
      n   the movement and exchange of genes between interbreeding populations  
gene frequency  
      n   the frequency of occurrence of a particular gene in a population in relation to the frequency of its alleles  
gene library  
      n   a collection of gene clones that represents the genetic material of an organism: used in genetic engineering,   (Also called)    gene bank  
gene pool  
      n   the sum of all the genes in an interbreeding population  
gene therapy  
      n   the replacement or alteration of defective genes in order to prevent the occurrence of such inherited diseases as haemophilia. Effected by genetic engineering techniques, it is still at the experimental stage  
jumping gene  
      n   a fragment of nucleic acid, such as a plasmid or a transposon, that can become incorporated into the DNA of a cell  
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