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      vb   , hangs, hanging, hung  
1    to fasten or be fastened from above, esp. by a cord, chain, etc.; suspend  
the picture hung on the wall, to hang laundry     
2    to place or be placed in position as by a hinge so as to allow free movement around or at the place of suspension  
to hang a door     
3    intr; sometimes foll by: over   to be suspended or poised; hover  
a pall of smoke hung over the city     
4    intr; sometimes foll by: over   to be imminent; threaten  
5    intr   to be or remain doubtful or unresolved (esp. in the phrase hang in the balance)  
6    past tense and past participle hanged   to suspend or be suspended by the neck until dead  
7    tr   to fasten, fix, or attach in position or at an appropriate angle  
to hang a scythe to its handle     
8    tr   to decorate, furnish, or cover with something suspended or fastened  
to hang a wall with tapestry     
9    tr   to fasten to or suspend from a wall  
to hang wallpaper     
10    to exhibit (a picture or pictures) by (a particular painter, printmaker, etc.) or (of a picture or a painter, etc.) to be exhibited in an art gallery, etc.  
11    to fall or droop or allow to fall or droop  
to hang one's head in shame     
12    (of cloth, clothing, etc.) to drape, fall, or flow, esp. in a specified manner  
her skirt hangs well     
13    tr   to suspend (game such as pheasant) so that it becomes slightly decomposed and therefore more tender and tasty  
14    (of a jury) to prevent or be prevented from reaching a verdict  
15    past tense and past participle hanged  
Slang   to damn or be damned: used in mild curses or interjections  
I'll be hanged before I'll go out in that storm     
16    intr   to pass slowly (esp. in the phrase time hangs heavily)  
17    hang fire  
a    to be delayed  
b    to procrastinate  
   See also       fire       16  
18    the way in which something hangs  
19    usually used with a negative  
Slang   a damn  
I don't care a hang for what you say     
20    get the hang of  
a    to understand the technique of doing something  
b    to perceive the meaning or significance of,   (See also)        hang about       hang back       hang behind       hang in       hang on       hang out       hang together       hang up       hang with  
     (Old English hangian; related to Old Norse hanga, Old High German hangen)  

hang about   , around  
      vb   intr  
1    to waste time; loiter  
2    adv; foll by: with   to frequent the company (of someone)  
3    wait a moment! stop!  
hang back  
      vb   intr, adv; often foll by: from   to be reluctant to go forward or carry on (with some activity)  
hang behind  
      vb   intr, adv   to remain in a place after others have left; linger  
      n   an unpowered aircraft consisting of a large cloth wing stretched over a light framework from which the pilot hangs in a harness, using a horizontal bar to control the flight  
  hang-gliding      n  
hang in  
      vb   intr, prep  
Informal   to persist  
just hang in there for a bit longer     
hang on  
      vb   intr  
1    adv   to continue or persist in an activity, esp. with effort or difficulty  
hang on at your present job until you can get another     
2    adv   to cling, grasp, or hold  
she hangs on to her mother's arm     
3    prep   to be conditioned or contingent on; depend on  
everything hangs on this business deal     
4    prep     (Also)    hang onto, hang upon   to listen attentively to  
she hung on his every word     
5    adv  
Informal   to wait or remain  
hang on for a few minutes     
hang out  
      vb   adv  
1    to suspend, be suspended, or lean, esp. from an opening, as for display or airing  
to hang out the washing     
2    intr  
Informal   to live at or frequent a place  
the police know where the thieves hang out     
3    intr; foll by: with  
Informal   to frequent the company (of someone)  
4    Slang   to relax completely in an unassuming way (esp. in the phrase let it all hang out)  
5    intr     (U.S.)  
informal   to act or speak freely, in an open, cooperative, or indiscreet manner  
6    Informal   a place where one lives or that one frequently visits  
Hang Seng Index  
      n   an index of share prices based on an average of 33 stocks quoted on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange  
     (name of a Hong Kong bank)  
hang together  
      vb   intr, adv  
1    to be cohesive or united  
2    to be consistent  
your statements don't quite hang together     
hang up  
      vb   adv  
1    tr   to put on a hook, hanger, etc.  
please hang up your coat     
2    to replace (a telephone receiver) on its cradle at the end of a conversation, often breaking a conversation off abruptly  
3    tr; usually passive; usually foll by: on  
Informal   to cause to have an emotional or psychological preoccupation or problem  
he's really hung up on his mother     
4    an emotional or psychological preoccupation or problem  
5    a persistent cause of annoyance  
hang with  
      vb   intr, prep     (U.S.)  
informal   to frequent the company of (someone)  
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1    be pendent, dangle, depend, droop, incline, suspend  
2    execute, gibbet, lynch, send to the gallows, string up     (informal)  
3    adhere, cling, hold, rest, stick  
4    attach, cover, deck, decorate, drape, fasten, fix, furnish  
5    be poised, drift, float, hover, remain, swing  
6    bend downward, bend forward, bow, dangle, drop, incline, lean over, let droop, loll, lower, sag, trail  
7    hang fire      be slow, be suspended, delay, hang back, procrastinate, stall, stick, vacillate  
8    get the hang of      comprehend, get the knack or technique, grasp, understand  

hang about   , around  
1    dally, linger, loiter, roam, tarry, waste time  
2    associate with, frequent, hang out     (informal)   hang with     (informal, chiefly U.S.)   haunt, resort  
hang back     
be backward, be reluctant, demur, hesitate, hold back, recoil  
hang on  
1    carry on, continue, endure, go on, hold on, hold out, persevere, persist, remain, stay the course  
2    cling, clutch, grasp, grip, hold fast  
3    be conditional upon, be contingent on, be dependent on, be determined by, depend on, hinge, rest, turn on  
4         hang onto, hang upon    be rapt, give ear, listen attentively  
5      (informal)   hold on, hold the line, remain, stop, wait  
den, dive     (slang)   haunt, home, joint     (slang)   resort  
hang over     
be imminent, impend, loom, menace, threaten  
block, difficulty, inhibition, obsession, preoccupation, problem, thing     (informal)  

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