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1      (Christianity)   sometimes cap  
a    the place or state of eternal punishment of the wicked after death, with Satan as its ruler  
b    forces of evil regarded as residing there  
2    sometimes cap   (in various religions and cultures) the abode of the spirits of the dead  
   See also       Hel       Hades       Sheol  
3    pain, extreme difficulty, etc.  
4    Informal   a cause of such difficulty or suffering  
war is hell     
5      (U.S. and Canadian)   high spirits or mischievousness  
there's hell in that boy     
6    a box used by a tailor for discarded material  
7    Now rare   a gambling house, booth, etc.  
8    as hell   (intensifier)  
tired as hell     
9    for the hell of it  
Informal   for the fun of it  
10    from hell  
Informal   denoting a person or thing that is particularly bad or alarming  
neighbour from hell, hangover from hell     
11    give someone hell  
a    to give someone a severe reprimand or punishment  
b    to be a source of annoyance or torment to someone  
12    hell of a or helluva  
Informal   (intensifier)  
a hell of a good performance     
13    hell for leather   at great speed  
14    (come) hell or high water  
Informal   whatever difficulties may arise  
15    hell to pay  
Informal   serious consequences, as of a foolish action  
16    like hell  
a    adv   (intensifier)  
he works like hell     
b    an expression of strong disagreement with a previous statement, request, order, etc.  
17    play (merry) hell with  
Informal   to throw into confusion and disorder; disrupt  
18    raise hell  
a    to create a noisy disturbance, as in fun  
b    to react strongly and unfavourably  
19    the hell  
a    (intensifier) used in such phrases as what the hell, who the hell, etc.  
b    an expression of strong disagreement or disfavour  
the hell I will         See       like hell  
20    Informal   an exclamation of anger, annoyance, surprise, etc. (Also in exclamations such as hell's bells, hell's teeth, etc.)  
     (Old English hell; related to helan to cover, Old Norse hel, Gothic halja hell, Old High German hella)  

Hell's Angel  
      n   a member of a motorcycle gang of a kind originating in the U.S. in the 1950s, who typically dress in denim and Nazi-style paraphernalia and are noted for their initiation rites, lawless behaviour, etc.  
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1    Abaddon, abode of the damned, abyss, Acheron     (Greek myth)   bottomless pit, fire and brimstone, Gehenna     (New Testament, Judaism)   Hades     (Greek myth)   hellfire, infernal regions, inferno, lower world, nether world, Tartarus     (Greek myth)   underworld  
2    affliction, agony, anguish, martyrdom, misery, nightmare, ordeal, suffering, torment, trial, wretchedness  
3    hell for leather      at a rate of knots, at the double, full-tilt, headlong, hotfoot, hurriedly, like a bat out of hell     (slang)   pell-mell, posthaste, quickly, speedily, swiftly  

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go to hell in a handbasket exp.
deteriorate very quickly

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