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1    a stout stick, usually with one end thicker than the other, esp. one used as a weapon  
2    a stick or bat used to strike the ball in various sports, esp. golf  
   See       golf club       1  
3       short for       Indian club  
4    a group or association of people with common aims or interests  
a wine club     
a    the room, building, or facilities used by such a group  
b    (in combination)  
6    a building in which elected, fee-paying members go to meet, dine, read, etc.  
7    a commercial establishment in which people can drink and dance; disco  
   See also       nightclub  
8      (Chiefly Brit)   an organization, esp. in a shop, set up as a means of saving  
9      (Brit)      an informal word for       friendly society  
a    the black trefoil symbol on a playing card  
b    a card with one or more of these symbols or (when pl.) the suit of cards so marked  
11      (Nautical)  
a    a spar used for extending the clew of a gaff topsail beyond the peak of the gaff  
b       short for       club foot       3  
12    in the club            (Brit)  
slang   pregnant  
13    on the club     (Brit)  
slang   away from work due to sickness, esp. when receiving sickness benefit  
      vb   , clubs, clubbing, clubbed  
14    tr   to beat with or as if with a club  
15    often foll by: together   to gather or become gathered into a group  
16    often foll by: together   to unite or combine (resources, efforts, etc.) for a common purpose  
17    tr   to use (a rifle or similar firearm) as a weapon by holding the barrel and hitting with the butt  
18    intr     (Nautical)   to drift in a current, reducing speed by dragging anchor  
     (C13: from Old Norse klubba, related to Middle High German klumpe group of trees, clump, Old English clympre lump of metal)  
  clubbing      n  
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      n   bat, bludgeon, cosh     (Brit.)   cudgel, stick, truncheon  
      vb   bash, baste, batter, beat, bludgeon, clobber     (slang)   clout     (informal)   cosh     (Brit.)   hammer, pommel     (rare)   pummel, strike  
      n   association, circle, clique, company, fraternity, group, guild, lodge, order, set, society, sodality, union  

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A social club started at Port Royal by Samuel de Champlain to help pass the long and cold winter nights. Each person took turns being host for an evening and serving his fellow man.


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