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1    often foll by: to   being an essential part (of); intrinsic (to)  
2    intact; entire  
3    formed of constituent parts; united  
4      (Maths)  
a    of or involving an integral  
b    involving or being an integer  
5      (Maths)   the sum of a large number of infinitesimally small quantities, summed either between stated limits (definite integral) or in the absence of limits (indefinite integral).,   (Symbol)   
6    a complete thing; whole  
  integrality      n  
  integrally      adv  

definite integral  
      n     (Maths)  
a    the evaluation of the indefinite integral between two limits, representing the area between the given function and the x-axis between these two values of x  
b    the expression for that function, ∫baf(x)dx, where f(x) is the given function and x = a and x = b are the limits of integration. Where F(x) = ∫f(x)dx, the indefinite integral, ∫baf(x)dx = F(b)--F(a)  
improper integral  
      n   a definite integral having one or both limits infinite or having an integrand that becomes infinite within the limits of integration  
indefinite integral  
      n     (Maths)  
a    any function whose derivative is the given function, as x2, x2 + 3, x2--5, etc. of 2x  
b    the schema representing all such functions, here x2 + k  
c    the symbolic representation of this as a function of the given function, written ∫f(x)dx where f(x) is the given function  
d    the symbol ∫  
integral calculus  
      n   the branch of calculus concerned with the determination of integrals and their application to the solution of differential equations, the determination of areas and volumes, etc.  
   Compare       differential calculus  
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1    basic, component, constituent, elemental, essential, fundamental, indispensable, intrinsic, necessary, requisite  
2    complete, entire, full, intact, undivided, whole  
   fractional, inessential, unimportant, unnecessary  

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