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1    a public official with authority to hear cases in a court of law and pronounce judgment upon them  
   Compare       magistrate       justice       5, 6  
Related adj  
2    a person who is appointed to determine the result of contests or competitions  
3    a person qualified to comment critically  
a good judge of antiques     
4    a leader of the peoples of Israel from Joshua's death to the accession of Saul  
5    to hear and decide upon (a case at law)  
6    tr   to pass judgment on; sentence  
7    when tr, may take a clause as object or an infinitive   to decide or deem (something) after inquiry or deliberation  
8    to determine the result of (a contest or competition)  
9    to appraise (something) critically  
10    tr; takes a clause as object   to believe (something) to be the case; suspect  
     (C14: from Old French jugier, from Latin judicare to pass judgment, from judex a judge)  
  judgeable      adj  
  judgeless      adj  
  judgelike      adj  
  judger      n  
  judgingly      adv  

circuit judge  
      n     (Brit)   a judge presiding over a county court or crown court  
district court judge  
      n     (Austral. and N.Z)   a judge presiding over a lower court,   (Former name)    magistrate  
judge advocate  
      n   pl   , judge advocates   an officer who superintends proceedings at a military court martial  
judge advocate general  
      n   pl   , judge advocates general, judge advocate generals   the civil adviser to the Crown on matters relating to courts martial and on military law generally  
      adj   based on a judge's interpretation or decision (esp. in the phrase judge-made law)  
touch judge  
      n   one of the two linesmen in rugby  
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1    adjudicator, arbiter, arbitrator, moderator, referee, umpire  
2    appraiser, arbiter, assessor, authority, connoisseur, critic, evaluator, expert  
3    beak     (Brit. slang)   justice, magistrate  
4    adjudge, adjudicate, arbitrate, ascertain, conclude, decide, determine, discern, distinguish, mediate, referee, umpire  
5    appraise, appreciate, assess, consider, criticize, esteem, estimate, evaluate, examine, rate, review, value  
6    adjudge, condemn, decree, doom, find, pass sentence, pronounce sentence, rule, sentence, sit, try  

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do not judge a book by its cover exp.
l'habit ne fait pas le moine

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to try to judge something without calculating
Sentence: I always try estimating how much I will spend before going shopping.
a care order is an official instruction (made by a judge or magistrate) that a child should be taken into care
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