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1    occurring or arriving after the correct or expected time  
the train was late     
2    prenominal   occurring, scheduled for, or being at a relatively advanced time  
a late marriage     
3    prenominal   towards or near the end  
the late evening     
4    at an advanced time in the evening or at night  
it was late     
5    prenominal   occurring or being just previous to the present time  
his late remarks on industry     
6    prenominal   having died, esp. recently  
my late grandfather     
7    prenominal   just preceding the present or existing person or thing; former  
the late manager of this firm     
8    of late   recently; lately  
9    after the correct or expected time  
he arrived late     
10    at a relatively advanced age  
she married late     
11    recently; lately  
as late as yesterday he was selling books     
12    late hours   rising and going to bed later than is usual  
13    late in the day  
a    at a late or advanced stage  
b    too late  
     (Old English læt; related to Old Norse latr, Gothic lats)  
  lateness      n  
Since late can mean deceased, many people think it is better to avoid using this word to refer to the person who held a post or position before its present holder: the previous (not the late) editor of The Times  

Late Greek  
      n   the Greek language from about the 3rd to the 8th centuries a.d  
   Compare       Medieval Greek       Koine  
Late Latin  
      n   the form of written Latin used from the 3rd to the 7th centuries a.d  
   See also       Biblical Latin       Medieval Latin  
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1    behind, behindhand, belated, delayed, last-minute, overdue, slow, tardy, unpunctual  
2    advanced, fresh, modern, new, recent  
3    dead, deceased, defunct, departed, ex-, former, old, past, preceding, previous  
4    at the last minute, behindhand, behind time, belatedly, dilatorily, slowly, tardily, unpunctually  
,       adj  
1    beforehand, early, prompt, punctual, seasoned, timely  
2    old  
3    alive, existing  
      adv   beforehand, early, in advance  

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