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      abbrev. for   pound force  
   See       pound   2       4  
Diccionario de inglés definición  
pound   [2]  
1    an avoirdupois unit of weight that is divided into 16 ounces and is equal to 0.453592 kilograms,   (Abbrev.)    lb  
2    a troy unit of weight divided into 12 ounces equal to 0.373242 kilograms,   (Abbrev.)    lb tr, lb t  
3    an apothecaries' unit of weight, used in the U.S., that is divided into 5760 grains and is equal to one pound troy  
4    not in technical usage   a unit of force equal to the mass of 1 pound avoirdupois where the acceleration of free fall is 32.174 feet per second per second,   (Abbrev.)    lbf         
a    the standard monetary unit of the United Kingdom and its dependencies, divided into 100 pence,   (Official name)    pound sterling  
b    (as modifier)  
a pound coin     
6    the standard monetary unit of the following countries  
a    Cyprus: divided into 100 cents  
b    Egypt: divided into 100 piastres  
c    Ireland: divided into 100 pence  
d    Lebanon: divided into 100 piastres  
e    Syria: divided into 100 piastres  
7       another name for       lira       2  
8      (Also called)    pound Scots   a former Scottish monetary unit originally worth an English pound but later declining in value to 1 shilling 8 pence  
9    a monetary unit of the Sudan, replaced by the dinar in 1992 and being phased out gradually  
     (Old English pund, from Latin pondo pound; related to German Pfund pound, Latin pondus weight)  

      abbrev. for   pound force  
   See       pound   2       4  

Diccionario de inglés definición  

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