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1    free or released from confinement or restraint  
2    not close, compact, or tight in structure or arrangement  
3    not fitted or fitting closely  
loose clothing is cooler     
4    not bundled, packaged, fastened, or put in a container  
loose nails     
5    inexact; imprecise  
a loose translation     
6    (of funds, cash, etc.) not allocated or locked away; readily available  
a    (esp. of women) promiscuous or easy  
b    (of attitudes, ways of life, etc.) immoral or dissolute  
8    lacking a sense of responsibility or propriety  
loose talk     
a    (of the bowels) emptying easily, esp. excessively; lax  
b    (of a cough) accompanied by phlegm, mucus, etc.  
10    (of a dye or dyed article) fading as a result of washing; not fast  
11    Informal     (chiefly U.S. and Canadian)   very relaxed; easy  
12    the loose     (Rugby)   the part of play when the forwards close round the ball in a ruck or loose scrum  
   See       scrum  
13    on the loose  
a    free from confinement or restraint  
b    Informal   on a spree  
a    in a loose manner; loosely  
b    (in combination)  
15    hang loose  
Informal     (chiefly U.S.)   to behave in a relaxed, easy fashion  
16    tr   to set free or release, as from confinement, restraint, or obligation  
17    tr   to unfasten or untie  
18    to make or become less strict, tight, firmly attached, compact, etc.  
19    when intr, often foll by: off   to let fly (a bullet, arrow, or other missile)  
     (C13 (in the sense: not bound): from Old Norse lauss free; related to Old English leas free from, -less)  
  loosely      adv  
  looseness      n  

loose cannon  
      n   a person or thing that appears to be beyond control and is potentially a source of unintentional damage  
loose change  
      n   money in the form of coins suitable for small expenditures  
loose cover  
      n   a fitted but easily removable cloth cover for a chair, sofa, etc.,   (U.S. and Canadian name)    slipcover  
loose end  
1    a detail that is left unsettled, unexplained, or incomplete  
2    at a loose end   without purpose or occupation  
loose head  
      n     (Rugby)   the prop on the hooker's left in the front row of a scrum  
   Compare       tight head  
1    supple and easy in movement  
2    loosely built; with ill-fitting joints  
  loose-jointedness      n  
1    (of a binder, album, etc.) capable of being opened to allow removal and addition of pages  
2    a serial publication published in loose leaves and kept in such a binder  
      adj   (of a person) having supple limbs  
loose order  
      n     (Military)   a formation in which soldiers, units, etc., are widely separated from each other  
loose smut  
      n   a disease of cereal grasses caused by smut fungi of the genus Ustilago, in which powdery spore masses replace the host tissue  
      adj   careless or irresponsible in talking  
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1    floating, free, insecure, movable, released, unattached, unbound, unconfined, unfastened, unfettered, unrestricted, unsecured, untied, wobbly  
2    baggy, easy, hanging, loosened, not fitting, not tight, relaxed, slack, slackened, sloppy  
3    diffuse, disconnected, disordered, ill-defined, imprecise, inaccurate, indefinite, indistinct, inexact, rambling, random, vague  
4    abandoned, debauched, disreputable, dissipated, dissolute, fast, immoral, lewd, libertine, licentious, profligate, promiscuous, unchaste, wanton  
5    careless, heedless, imprudent, lax, negligent, rash, thoughtless, unmindful  
6    detach, disconnect, disengage, ease, free, let go, liberate, loosen, release, set free, slacken, unbind, unbridle, undo, unfasten, unleash, unloose, untie  
,       adj  
1    bound, curbed, fastened, fettered, restrained, secured, tethered, tied  
2    tight  
3    accurate, clear, concise, exact, precise  
4    chaste, disciplined, moral, virtuous  
      vb   bind, cage, capture, fasten, fetter, imprison, tether  

loose-jointed      , loose-limbed  
agile, elastic, flexible, limber, lissom(e), lithe, pliable, pliant, supple  

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cut sth loose n.
to release sth that is tied up

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sounds like something called sth is tied up for its own good

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