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1    Archaic or literary  
a    a young unmarried girl, esp. when a virgin  
b    (as modifier)  
a maiden blush     
2      (Horse racing)  
a    a horse that has never won a race  
b    (as modifier)  
a maiden race     
3      (Cricket)      See       maiden over  
4      (Also called)    clothes maiden     (Northern English)  
dialect   a frame on which clothes are hung to dry; clothes horse  
5    modifier   of or relating to an older unmarried woman  
a maiden aunt     
6    modifier   of or involving an initial experience or attempt  
a maiden voyage, maiden speech     
7    modifier   (of a person or thing) untried; unused  
8    modifier   (of a place) never trodden, penetrated, or captured  
     (Old English mægden; related to Old High German magad, Old Norse mogr young man, Old Irish mug slave)  
  maidenish      adj  
  maidenlike      adj  

ice maiden  
      n   a beautiful but aloof woman  
iron maiden  
      n   a medieval instrument of torture, consisting of a hinged case (often shaped in the form of a woman) lined with iron spikes, which was forcibly closed on the victim  
maiden name  
      n   a woman's surname before marriage  
maiden over  
      n     (Cricket)   an over in which no runs are scored  
maiden voyage  
      n     (Nautical)   the first voyage of a vessel  
swan maiden  
      n   any of a group of maidens in folklore who by magic are transformed into swans  
wicket maiden  
      n     (Cricket)   an over in which no runs are scored with the bat and at least one wicket is taken by the bowler  
   See also       maiden over  
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1    damsel, girl, lass, lassie     (informal)   maid, miss, nymph     (poetic)   virgin, wench  
2    chaste, intact, pure, undefiled, unmarried, unwed, virgin, virginal  
3    first, inaugural, initial, initiatory, introductory  
4    fresh, new, unbroached, untapped, untried, unused  

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