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1    of several different kinds; multiple  
manifold reasons     
2    having many different forms, features, or elements  
manifold breeds of dog     
3    something having many varied parts, forms, or features  
4    a copy of a page, book, etc.  
5    a chamber or pipe with a number of inlets or outlets used to collect or distribute a fluid. In an internal-combustion engine the inlet manifold carries the vaporized fuel from the carburettor to the inlet ports and the exhaust manifold carries the exhaust gases away  
6      (Maths)  
a    a collection of objects or a set  
b    a topological space having specific properties  
7    (in the philosophy of Kant) the totality of the separate elements of sensation which are then organized by the active mind and conceptualized as a perception of an external object  
8    tr   to duplicate (a page, book, etc.)  
9    to make manifold; multiply  
     (Old English manigfeald. See many, -fold)  
  manifolder      n  
  manifoldly      adv  
  manifoldness      n  
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abundant, assorted, copious, diverse, diversified, many, multifarious, multifold, multiple, multiplied, multitudinous, numerous, varied, various  

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