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1    the substance of which a thing is made or composed; component or constituent matter  
raw material     
2    facts, notes, etc., that a finished work may be based on or derived from  
enough material for a book     
3    cloth or fabric  
4    a person who has qualities suitable for a given occupation, training, etc.  
that boy is not university material     
5    of, relating to, or composed of physical substance; corporeal  
6      (Philosophy)   composed of or relating to physical as opposed to mental or spiritual substance  
the material world     
7    of, relating to, or affecting economic or physical wellbeing  
material ease     
8    of or concerned with physical rather than spiritual interests  
9    of great import or consequence  
of material benefit to the workers     
10    often foll by: to   relevant  
11      (Philosophy)   of or relating to matter as opposed to form  
12      (Law)   relevant to the issue before court: applied esp. to facts or testimony of much significance  
a material witness        (See also)        materials  
     (C14: via French from Late Latin materialis, from Latin materia matter)  
  materialness      n  

material implication  
      n     (Logic)  
1    the truth-functional connective that forms a compound sentence from two given sentences and assigns the value false to it only when its antecedent is true and its consequent false, without consideration of relevance; loosely corresponds to the English if ... then  
2    a compound sentence formed with this connective  
material mode  
      n     (Philosophy)   the normal use of language that refers to extra-linguistic subjects without explicit mention of the words themselves. Fido is a dog is in the material mode, while ``Fido'' is a dog's name is in the formal mode  
   See also       use       18  
raw material  
1    material on which a particular manufacturing process is carried out  
2    a person or thing regarded as suitable for some particular purpose  
raw material for the army     
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