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1    the flesh of mammals used as food, as distinguished from that of birds and fish  
2    anything edible, esp. flesh with the texture of meat  
crab meat     
3    food, as opposed to drink  
4    the essence or gist  
5       an archaic word for       meal   1  
6    meat and drink   a source of pleasure  
7    have one's meat and one's manners     (Irish)  
informal   to lose nothing because one's offer is not accepted  
     (Old English mete; related to Old High German maz food, Old Saxon meti, Gothic mats)  
  meatless      adj  

      n   another name for the greater stitchwort (see stitchwort)  
easy meat  
1    someone easily seduced or deceived  
2    something easy to get or do  
luncheon meat  
      n   a ground mixture of meat (often pork) and cereal, usually tinned  
red meat  
      n   any meat that is dark in colour, esp. beef and lamb  
   Compare       white meat  
side meat  
      n     (U.S.)  
informal   salt pork or bacon  
     (C19: so called because it comes from the side of the pig)  
strong meat  
      n   anything arousing fear, anger, repulsion, etc., except among a tolerant or receptive minority  
some scenes in the film were strong meat     
variety meat  
      n     (Chiefly U.S)   processed meat, such as sausage, or offal  
white meat  
      n   any meat that is light in colour, such as veal or the breast of turkey  
   Compare       red meat  
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1    aliment, cheer, chow     (informal)   comestibles, eats     (slang)   fare, flesh, food, grub     (slang)   nosh     (slang)   nourishment, nutriment, provender, provisions, rations, subsistence, sustenance, viands, victuals  
2    core, essence, gist, heart, kernel, marrow, nub, nucleus, pith, point, substance  

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! god gives the meat which has no teeth n.
dieu donne de la viande à qui n'a plus de dents

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ce qui est viande pour l'un est poisson pour l'autre
beau plumage fait passer maigre viande
related to animals which are slaughtered without prior stunning and the resulting meat (kosher or hallal meat mostly)
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