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      n   a river in Colombia, rising in the Andes and flowing northeast and east, forming part of the border between Colombia and Venezuela, to join the Orinoco River. Length: about 1000 km (620 miles)  

meta-   ,   (sometimes before a vowel)   met-  
1    indicating change, alteration, or alternation  
metabolism, metamorphosis     
2    (of an academic discipline, esp. philosophy) concerned with the concepts and results of the named discipline  
metamathematics, meta-ethics         See also       metatheory  
3    occurring or situated behind or after  
4    often in italics   denoting that an organic compound contains a benzene ring with substituents in the 1,3-positions  
metadinitrobenzene, meta-cresol        (Abbrev.)    m-      Compare       ortho-       4       para-   1       6  
5    denoting an isomer, polymer, or compound related to a specified compound (often differing from similar compounds that are prefixed by para-)  
6    denoting an oxyacid that is a lower hydrated form of the anhydride or a salt of such an acid  
metaphosphoric acid         Compare       ortho-       5  
     (Greek, from meta with, after, between, among. Compare Old English mid, mith with, Old Norse meth with, between)  
      n   functioning as sing   the philosophical study of questions about the nature of ethical judgment as distinct from questions of normative ethics, for example, whether ethical judgments state facts or express attitudes, whether there are objective standards of morality, and how moral judgments can be justified  
  meta-ethical      adj  
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