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1    a fine-grained soft wet deposit that occurs on the ground after rain, at the bottom of ponds, lakes, etc.  
2    Informal   slander or defamation  
3    clear as mud  
Informal   not at all clear  
4    drag (someone's) name in the mud   to disgrace or defame (someone)  
5    here's mud in your eye  
Informal   a humorous drinking toast  
6    (someone's) name is mud  
Informal   (someone) is disgraced  
7    throw (or sling) mud at  
Informal   to slander; vilify  
      vb   , muds, mudding, mudded  
8    tr   to soil or cover with mud  
     (C14: probably from Middle Low German mudde; compare Middle High German mot swamp, mud, Swedish modd slush)  

drilling mud  
      n   a mixture of clays, water, and chemicals pumped down the drill string while an oil well is being drilled to lubricate the mechanism, carry away rock cuttings, and maintain pressure so that oil or gas does not escape  
mud bath  
1    a medicinal bath in heated mud  
2    a dirty or muddy occasion, state, etc.  
mud dauber  
      n   any of various wasps of the family Sphecidae, that construct cells of mud or clay in which they lay their eggs and store live insects as food for the developing larvae  
   See also       digger wasp  
mud flat  
      n   a tract of low muddy land, esp. near an estuary, that is covered at high tide and exposed at low tide  
mud hen  
      n   any of various birds that frequent marshes or similar places, esp. the coots, rails, etc.  
mud map  
      n     (Austral)  
informal   a map drawn on the ground with a stick, or any other roughly drawn map  
mud pie  
      n   a mass of mud moulded into a pie-like shape by a child  
mud puppy  
      n   any aquatic North American salamander of the genus Necturus, esp N. maculosus, having red feathery external gills and other persistent larval features: family Proteidae  
   See also       neoteny  
mud turtle  
      n   any of various small turtles of the genus Kinosternon and related genera that inhabit muddy rivers in North and Central America: family Kinosternidae  
mud volcano  
      n   a cone-shaped mound formed from fine mud ejected, with gases and water, from hot springs, geysers, etc., in volcanic regions  
Informal   a staid or predictably conservative person who lacks initiative or imagination  
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clay, dirt, gloop     (informal)   mire, ooze, silt, slime, slob     (Irish)   sludge  

Colonel Blimp, conservative, die-hard, dinosaur, fuddy-duddy     (informal)   (old) fogey, reactionary, sobersides, stick     (informal)  

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! beauty without wisdom is like flower in the mud n.
beauté sans sagesse est comme fleur dans la boue

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