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1    very excitable or sensitive; highly strung  
2    often foll by: of   apprehensive or worried  
I'm nervous of traffic     
3    of, relating to, or containing nerves; neural  
nervous tissue     
4    affecting the nerves or nervous tissue  
a nervous disease     
5    Archaic   active, vigorous, or forceful  
  nervously      adv  
  nervousness      n  

autonomic nervous system  
      n   the section of the nervous system of vertebrates that controls the involuntary actions of the smooth muscles, heart, and glands  
   Compare       somatic nervous system  
central nervous system  
      n   the mass of nerve tissue that controls and coordinates the activities of an animal. In vertebrates it consists of the brain and spinal cord,   (Abbrev.)    CNS      Compare       autonomic nervous system  
nervous breakdown  
      n   any mental illness not primarily of organic origin, in which the patient ceases to function properly, often accompanied by severely impaired concentration, anxiety, insomnia, and lack of self-esteem; used esp. of episodes of depression  
nervous system  
      n   the sensory and control apparatus of all multicellular animals above the level of sponges, consisting of a network of nerve cells (see neurone)  
   See also       central nervous system  
somatic nervous system  
      n     (Physiol)   the section of the nervous system responsible for sensation and control of the skeletal muscles  
   Compare       autonomic nervous system  
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agitated, anxious, apprehensive, edgy, excitable, fearful, fidgety, flustered, hesitant, highly strung, hyper     (informal)   hysterical, jittery     (informal)   jumpy, nervy     (Brit. informal)   neurotic, on edge, ruffled, shaky, tense, timid, timorous, twitchy     (informal)   uneasy, uptight     (informal)   weak, wired     (slang)   worried  
   bold, calm, confident, constant, cool, equable, even, laid-back     (informal)   peaceful, relaxed, steady, together     (slang)   unfazed     (informal)  

nervous breakdown     
breakdown, collapse, crack-up     (informal)   nervous disorder, neurasthenia     (obsolete)  

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1. nervous, anxious; 2. at the forefront of a trend; experimental or avant-garde
1. She was nervous and edgy, still chain-smoking. 2. Their songs combine good music and smart, edgy ideas
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