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      adj   prenominal  
1    being or located on the outside; external  
2    further from the middle or central part  
3      (Archery)  
a    the white outermost ring on a target  
b    a shot that hits this ring  
4      (Austral)   the unsheltered part of the spectator area at a sports ground  
5    on the outer     (Austral. and N.Z.)  
informal   excluded or neglected  

1    a thorough or thoroughgoing person or thing  
2    a person or thing that is excellent of its kind  
3    an extremist  
outer bar  
      n   (in England) a collective name for junior barristers who plead from outside the bar of the court  
   Compare       Queen's Counsel  
outer garments  
      pl n   the garments that are worn over a person's other clothes  
Outer Hebrides  
      pl n      See       Hebrides  
Outer Mongolia  
      n      the former name (until 1924) of the republic of       Mongolia  
outer planet  
      n   any of the planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, whose orbit lies outside the asteroid belt  
outer space  
      n   not in technical usage   any region of space beyond the atmosphere of the earth  
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exposed, exterior, external, outlying, outside, outward, peripheral, remote, superficial, surface  
   central, closer, inner, inside, interior, internal, inward, nearer  

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crust; epicarp; husk; integument; outer layer; peel; skin
A moulding commonly used in framing oil paintings. The liner is fixed inside the frame and appears between the image and the outer frame. Generally made out of wood or some other hard material, the liner may have fabric glued down to it. Liners are to canvases what a mat/mount is to a print on paper
[Artwork framing] Polystyrene or wood liner. Fabric-covered liner. Linen liner. Gold liner.
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