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1    a substance used for decorating or protecting a surface, esp. a mixture consisting of a solid pigment suspended in a liquid, that when applied to a surface dries to form a hard coating  
2    a dry film of paint on a surface  
3    the solid pigment of a paint before it is suspended in liquid  
4    Informal   face make-up, such as rouge  
5       short for       greasepaint  
6    to make (a picture) of (a figure, landscape, etc.) with paint applied to a surface such as canvas  
7    to coat (a surface) with paint, as in decorating  
8    tr   to apply (liquid) onto (a surface)  
her mother painted the cut with antiseptic     
9    tr   to apply make-up onto (the face, lips, etc.)  
10    tr   to describe vividly in words  
11    paint the town red  
Informal   to celebrate uninhibitedly; go on a spree  
     (C13: from Old French peint painted, from peindre to paint, from Latin pingere to paint, adorn)  
  painty      adj  

gloss paint  
      n   a type of paint composed of pigments ground up in a varnish medium, which produces a hard, shiny, and usually durable finish,   (Also called)    gloss  
oil paint   , colour  
      n   paint made of pigment ground in oil, usually linseed oil, used for oil painting  
paint stripper   , remover  
      n   a liquid, often caustic, used to remove paint from a surface  
poster paint   , colour  
      n   a gum-based opaque watercolour paint used for writing posters, etc.  
war paint  
1    painted decoration of the face and body applied by certain North American Indians before battle  
2    Informal   finery or regalia  
3    Informal   cosmetics  
water paint  
      n   any water-based paint, such as an emulsion or an acrylic paint  
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1    colour, colouring, dye, emulsion, pigment, stain, tint  
2      (informal)   cosmetics, face     (informal)   greasepaint, make-up, maquillage, war paint     (informal)  
3    catch a likeness, delineate, depict, draw, figure, picture, portray, represent, sketch  
4    apply, coat, colour, cover, daub, decorate, slap on     (informal)  
5    bring to life, capture, conjure up a vision, depict, describe, evoke, make one see, portray, put graphically, recount, tell vividly  
6    paint the town red        (informal)   carouse, celebrate, go on a binge     (informal)   go on a spree, go on the town, live it up     (informal)   make merry, make whoopee     (informal)   revel  

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paint the town red exp.
celebrate smth. with excitement; party wildly; party all night long

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paint the town red for passover

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