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1    a sudden overwhelming feeling of terror or anxiety, esp. one affecting a whole group of people  
2    modifier   of or resulting from such terror  
panic measures     
      vb   , -ics, -icking, -icked  
3    to feel or cause to feel panic  
     (C17: from French panique, from New Latin panicus, from Greek panikos emanating from Pan, considered as the source of irrational fear)  
   panicky             adj  
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afraid, agitated, distressed, fearful, frantic, frenzied, frightened, hysterical, in a flap     (informal)   in a tizzy     (informal)   jittery     (informal)   nervous, windy     (slang)   worked up, worried  
   calm, collected, composed, confident, cool, imperturbable, self-controlled, together     (slang)   unexcitable, unfazed     (informal)   unflappable, unruffled  

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