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1    the act, process, or art of performing  
2    an artistic or dramatic production  
last night's performance was terrible     
3    manner or quality of functioning  
a machine's performance     
4    Informal   mode of conduct or behaviour, esp. when distasteful or irregular  
what did you mean by that performance at the restaurant?     
5    Informal   any tiresome procedure  
what a performance dressing the children to play in the snow!     
6    any accomplishment  
7      (Linguistics)   (in transformational grammar) the form of the human language faculty, viewed as concretely embodied in speakers  
   Compare       competence       5       langue       parole       5  

command performance  
      n   a performance of a play, opera, etc., at the request of a ruler or of royalty  
performance appraisal  
      n   the assessment, at regular intervals, of an employee's performance at work  
performance art  
      n   a theatrical presentation that incorporates various art forms, such as dance, sculpture, music, etc.  
performance bond  
      n   a bond given by a bank to a third party guaranteeing that if a specified customer fails to fulfil all the terms of a specified contract, the bank will be responsible for any loss sustained by the third party  
performance test  
      n     (Psychol)   a test designed to assess a person's manual ability  
specific performance  
      n     (Law)   a remedy awarded by a court where damages are an insufficient remedy  
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1    accomplishment, achievement, act, carrying out, completion, conduct, consummation, discharge, execution, exploit, feat, fulfilment, work  
2    acting, appearance, exhibition, gig     (informal)   interpretation, play, portrayal, presentation, production, representation, show  
3    action, conduct, efficiency, functioning, operation, practice, running, working  
4      (informal)   act, behaviour, bother, business, carry-on     (informal, chiefly Brit.)   fuss, pantomime     (informal, chiefly Brit.)   pother, rigmarole, to-do  

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a short performance
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