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,   (sometimes)   programme  
1    a sequence of coded instructions fed into a computer, enabling it to perform specified logical and arithmetical operations on data  
      vb   , -grams, -gramming, -grammed, -grammes, -gramming, -grammed  
2    tr   to feed a program into (a computer)  
3    tr   to arrange (data) into a suitable form so that it can be processed by a computer  
4    intr   to write a program  

application program  
      n   a computer program that is written and designed for a specific need or purpose  
object program  
      n   a computer program translated from the equivalent source program into machine language by the compiler or assembler  
program generator  
      n   a computer program that can be used to help to create other computer programs  
program statement  
      n   a single instruction in a computer program  
program trading  
      n   trading on international stock exchanges using a computer program to exploit differences between stock index futures and actual share prices on world equity markets  
shell program  
      n     (Computing)   a basic low-cost computer program that provides a framework within which the user can develop the program to suit his personal requirements  
source program  
      n   an original computer program written by a programmer that is converted into the equivalent object program, written in machine language, by the compiler or assembler  
sustaining program  
      n     (U.S. and Canadian)   a television or radio programme promoted by the broadcasting network or station itself and not by a commercial sponsor  
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watch multiple episodes of a television program such as a series in a row
On the pattern of 'binge-eat' or 'binge-drink', the term 'binge' meaning an excessive indulgence in something. Ex: As I became bored, I decided to binge-watch the entire season of my favorite series
a person - including intelligent programs - that uses computer or internet services
internet site allowing to view TV programs after their broadcast allowing targeted advertisement. Requires high-speed internet connexion
installation of programs on a computer without the user's explicit consent or aknowledgement
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