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1    foll by: of, an infinitive, or a clause   pleased or satisfied, as with oneself, one's possessions, achievements, etc, or with another person, his or her achievements, qualities, etc.  
2    feeling honoured or gratified by or as if by some distinction  
3    having an inordinately high opinion of oneself; arrogant or haughty  
4    characterized by or proceeding from a sense of pride  
a proud moment     
5    having a proper sense of self-respect  
6    stately or distinguished  
7    bold or fearless  
8    (of a surface, edge, etc.) projecting or protruding from the surrounding area  
9    (of animals) restive or excited, esp. sexually; on heat  
10    do (someone) proud  
a    to entertain (someone) on a grand scale  
they did us proud at the hotel     
b    to honour or distinguish (a person)  
his honesty did him proud     
     (Late Old English prud, from Old French prud, prod brave, from Late Latin prode useful, from Latin prodesse to be of value, from prod-, variant of pro- for + esse to be)  
  proudly      adv  
  proudness      n  

      adj   proud of the appearance, cleanliness, etc., of one's house, sometimes excessively so  
proud flesh  
      n      a nontechnical name for       granulation tissue  
     (C14: from proud (in the sense: swollen, protruding))  
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1    appreciative, content, contented, glad, gratified, honoured, pleased, satisfied, self-respecting, well-pleased  
2    arrogant, boastful, conceited, disdainful, egotistical, haughty, high and mighty     (informal)   imperious, lordly, narcissistic, orgulous     (archaic)   overbearing, presumptuous, self-important, self-satisfied, snobbish, snooty     (informal)   stuck-up     (informal)   supercilious, toffee-nosed     (slang, chiefly Brit.)   too big for one's boots or breeches, vain  
3    exalted, glorious, gratifying, illustrious, memorable, pleasing, red-letter, rewarding, satisfying  
4    august, distinguished, eminent, grand, great, illustrious, imposing, magnificent, majestic, noble, splendid, stately  
1    discontented, displeased, dissatisfied  
2    abject, ashamed, deferential, meek, modest, submissive, unobtrusive  
4    base, humble, ignoble, ignominious, lowly, unassuming, undignified  

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! at the Saint_Didier, proud sun announces a happy summer n.
à la Saint_Didier, soleil orgueilleux nous annonce un été joyeux

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