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      adj   , readier, readiest  
1    in a state of completion or preparedness, as for use or action  
2    willing or eager  
ready helpers     
3    prompt or rapid  
a ready response     
4    prenominal   quick in perceiving; intelligent  
a ready mind     
5    postpositive; foll by: to   on the point (of) or liable (to)  
ready to collapse     
6    postpositive   conveniently near (esp. in the phrase ready to hand)  
7    make or get ready   to prepare (oneself or something) for use or action  
8    Informal   (often preceded by the) short for ready money  
9    at or to the ready  
a    poised for use or action  
with pen at the ready     
b    (of a rifle) in the position normally adopted immediately prior to aiming and firing  
10    tr   to put in a state of readiness; prepare  
     (Old English (ge)ræde; related to Old Frisian rede, Old High German reiti, Old Norse reithr ready)  

camera-ready copy  
      n     (Printing)   type matter ready to be photographed for plate-making without further alteration,   (Also called)    mechanical  
      n     (Printing)   the process of preparing the forme and the cylinder or platen packing to achieve the correct impression all over the forme  
      adj   (of various foods) bought already prepared so that they are ready to be cooked in the oven  
1    made for purchase and immediate use by any customer  
a ready-made jacket     
2    extremely convenient or ideally suited  
a ready-made solution     
3    unoriginal or conventional  
ready-made phrases     
4    a ready-made article, esp. a garment  
1    modifier   consisting of ingredients blended in advance, esp. of food that is ready to cook or eat after addition of milk or water  
a ready-mix cake     
2    concrete that is mixed before or during delivery to a building site  
ready money   , cash  
      n   funds for immediate use; cash,   (Also called)    the ready, the readies  
ready reckoner  
      n   a table of numbers used to facilitate simple calculations, esp. one for applying rates of discount, interest, charging, etc. to different sums  
      adj   ready to wear when postpositive  
1    (of clothes) not tailored for the wearer; of a standard size  
2    an article or suit of such clothes  
      adj   quick to learn or perceive  
1    crude, unpolished, or hastily prepared, but sufficient for the purpose  
2    (of a person) without formality or refinement; rudely vigorous  
  rough-and-readiness      n  
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1    all set, arranged, completed, fit, in readiness, organized, prepared, primed, ripe, set  
2    agreeable, apt, disposed, eager, game     (informal)   glad, happy, have-a-go     (informal)   inclined, keen, minded, predisposed, prone, willing  
3    acute, adroit, alert, apt, astute, bright, clever, deft, dexterous, expert, handy, intelligent, keen, perceptive, prompt, quick, quick-witted, rapid, resourceful, sharp, skilful, smart  
4    about, close, in danger of, liable, likely, on the brink of, on the point of, on the verge of  
5    accessible, at or on hand, at one's fingertips, at the ready, available, close to hand, convenient, handy, near, on call, on tap     (informal)   present  
6    at the ready      all systems go, in readiness, poised, prepared, ready for action, waiting  
7    arrange, equip, fit out, get ready, make ready, order, organize, prepare, set  
,       adj  
1    immature, unequipped, unfit, unprepared  
2    disinclined, hesitant, loath, reluctant, unprepared, unwilling  
3    inexpert, slow, unequipped, unfit, unhandy  
5    distant, inaccessible, late, unavailable  

adequate, cobbled together, crude, improvised, makeshift, provisional, sketchy, stopgap, thrown together, unpolished, unrefined  

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