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1    unable to stay still or quiet  
2    ceaselessly active or moving  
the restless wind     
3    worried; anxious; uneasy  
4    not restful; without repose  
a restless night     
  restlessly      adv  
  restlessness      n  
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1    active, bustling, changeable, footloose, hurried, inconstant, irresolute, moving, nomadic, roving, transient, turbulent, unsettled, unstable, unsteady, wandering  
2    agitated, anxious, disturbed, edgy, fidgeting, fidgety, fitful, fretful, having itchy feet, ill at ease, jumpy, nervous, on edge, restive, sleepless, tossing and turning, troubled, uneasy, unquiet, unruly, unsettled, worried  
1    settled, stable, steady  
2    comfortable, composed, easy, quiet, relaxed, restful, undisturbed  

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