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1    a long narrow raised land formation with sloping sides esp. one formed by the meeting of two faces of a mountain or of a mountain buttress or spur  
2    any long narrow raised strip or elevation, as on a fabric or in ploughed land  
3      (Anatomy)   any elongated raised margin or border on a bone, tooth, tissue membrane, etc.  
a    the top of a roof at the junction of two sloping sides  
b    (as modifier)  
a ridge tile     
5    the back or backbone of an animal, esp. a whale  
6      (Meteorol)   an elongated area of high pressure, esp. an extension of an anticyclone  
   Compare       trough       4  
7    to form into a ridge or ridges  
     (Old English hrycg; related to Old High German hrucki, Old Norse hryggr)  
  ridgelike      adj  
  ridgy      adj  

Blue Ridge Mountains  
      pl n   a mountain range in the eastern U.S., extending from West Virginia into Georgia: part of the Appalachian mountains. Highest peak: Mount Mitchell, 2038 m (6684 ft.)  
Missionary Ridge  
      n   a ridge in NW Georgia and SE Tennessee: site of a battle (1863) during the Civil War: Northern victory leading to the campaign in Georgia  
oceanic ridge  
      n   any section of the narrow, largely continuous range of submarine mountains that extends into all the major oceans and at which new oceanic lithosphere is created by the rise of magma from the earth's interior  
   See also       seafloor spreading  
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