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      vb   , sells, selling, sold  
1    to dispose of or transfer or be disposed of or transferred to a purchaser in exchange for money or other consideration; put or be on sale  
2    to deal in (objects, property, etc.)  
he sells used cars for a living     
3    tr   to give up or surrender for a price or reward  
to sell one's honour     
4    to promote or facilitate the sale of (objects, property, etc.)  
publicity sells many products     
5    to induce or gain acceptance of  
to sell an idea     
6    intr   to be in demand on the market  
these dresses sell well in the spring     
7    tr  
Informal   to deceive or cheat  
8    tr; foll by: on   to persuade to accept or approve (of)  
to sell a buyer on a purchase     
9    sell down the river  
Informal   to betray  
10    sell oneself  
a    to convince someone else of one's potential or worth  
b    to give up one's moral or spiritual standards, etc.  
11    sell short  
a    Informal   to disparage or belittle  
b      (Finance)   to sell securities or goods without owning them in anticipation of buying them before delivery at a lower price  
12    the act or an instance of selling  
   Compare       hard sell       soft sell  
13    Informal  
a    a trick, hoax, or deception  
b      (Irish)   a great disappointment  
the service in the hotel was a sell        (See also)        sell off       sell out       sell up  
     (Old English sellan to lend, deliver; related to Old Norse selja to sell, Gothic saljan to offer sacrifice, Old High German sellen to sell, Latin consilium advice)  
  sellable      adj  

hard sell  
      n   an aggressive insistent technique of selling or advertising  
   Compare       soft sell  
sell-by date  
1    a date printed on the packaging of perishable goods, indicating the date after which the goods should not be offered for sale  
2    past one's sell-by date  
Informal   beyond one's prime  
sell off  
      vb   tr, adv   to sell (remaining or unprofitable items), esp. at low prices  
sell out  
      vb   adv  
1      (Also (chiefly Brit.))    sell up   to dispose of (supplies of something) completely by selling  
2    tr  
Informal   to betray, esp. through a secret agreement  
3    intr  
Informal   to abandon one's principles, standards, etc.  
his best friends were accusing him of selling out     
4    Informal   a performance for which all tickets are sold  
5    a commercial success  
6    Informal   a betrayal  
1    (of prerecorded video cassettes) sold without first being available for hire only  
2    the sale of prerecorded video cassettes in this way  
sell up  
      vb   adv     (Chiefly Brit)  
1    tr   to sell all (the possessions or assets) of (a bankrupt debtor) in order to discharge his debts as far as possible  
2    intr   to sell a business  
soft sell  
      n   a method of selling based on indirect suggestion or inducement  
   Compare       hard sell  
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1    barter, dispose of, exchange, put up for sale, trade  
2    be in the business of, deal in, handle, hawk, market, merchandise, peddle, retail, stock, trade in, traffic in, vend  
3    gain acceptance for, promote, put across  
4      (informal, with)      on   convert to, convince of, get (someone) hooked on, persuade of, talk (someone) into, win (someone) over to  
5    betray, deliver up, give up, sell down the river     (informal)   sell out     (informal)   surrender  
1 & 2    acquire, get, invest in, obtain, pay for, procure, purchase, shop for  

sell out  
1    be out of stock of, dispose of, get rid of, run out of, sell up  
2      (informal)   betray, break faith with, double-cross     (informal)   fail, give away, play false, rat on     (informal)   sell down the river     (informal)   stab in the back  

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he could sell sand to an arab exp.
he is a very good seller

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