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1    a hinged doorlike cover, often louvred and usually one of a pair, for closing off a window  
2    put up the shutters   to close business at the end of the day or permanently  
3      (Photog)   an opaque shield in a camera that, when tripped, admits light to expose the film or plate for a predetermined period, usually a fraction of a second. It is either built into the lens system or lies in the focal plane of the lens (focal-plane shutter)  
4      (Photog)   a rotating device in a film projector that permits an image to be projected onto the screen only when the film is momentarily stationary  
5      (Music)   one of the louvred covers over the mouths of organ pipes, operated by the swell pedal  
6    a person or thing that shuts  
      vb   tr  
7    to close with or as if with a shutter or shutters  
8    to equip with a shutter or shutters  

shutter priority  
      n     (Photog)   an automatic exposure system in which the photographer selects the shutter speed and the camera then automatically sets the correct aperture  
   Compare       aperture priority  
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