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1    to lie or cause to lie at a slanting or oblique angle  
2    intr   (esp. of natural features) to follow an inclined course  
many paths sloped down the hillside     
3    intr; foll by: off, away, etc.   to go furtively  
4    tr     (Military)   (formerly) to hold (a rifle) in the slope position (esp. in the command slope arms)  
5    an inclined portion of ground  
6    pl   hills or foothills  
7    any inclined surface or line  
8    the degree or amount of such inclination  
9      (Maths)  
a    (of a line) the tangent of the angle between the line and another line parallel to the x-axis  
b    the first derivative of the equation of a curve at a given point  
10    (formerly) the position adopted for British military drill when the rifle is rested on the shoulder  
     (C15: short for aslope, perhaps from the past participle of Old English aslupan to slip away, from slupan to slip)  
   sloper             n  
  sloping      adj  
  slopingly      adv  
  slopingness      n  

natural slope  
      n     (Civil engineering)   the maximum angle at which soil will lie in a bank without slipping  
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