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1    performed or occurring during a comparatively long interval of time  
2    lasting a comparatively long time  
a slow journey     
3    characterized by lack of speed  
a slow walker     
4    prenominal   adapted to or productive of slow movement  
the slow lane of a motorway     
5    (of a clock, etc.) indicating a time earlier than the correct time  
6    given to or characterized by a leisurely or lazy existence  
a slow town     
7    not readily responsive to stimulation; intellectually unreceptive  
a slow mind     
8    dull or uninteresting  
the play was very slow     
9    not easily aroused  
a slow temperament     
10    lacking promptness or immediacy  
a slow answer     
11    unwilling to perform an action or enter into a state  
slow to anger     
12    behind the times  
13    (of trade, etc.) unproductive; slack  
14    (of a fire) burning weakly  
15    (of an oven) cool  
16      (Photog)   requiring a relatively long time of exposure to produce a given density  
a slow lens     
17      (Sport)   (of a track, etc.) tending to reduce the speed of the ball or the competitors  
18      (Cricket)   (of a bowler, etc.) delivering the ball slowly, usually with spin  
19    in a manner characterized by lack of speed; slowly  
20    often foll by: up or down   to decrease or cause to decrease in speed, efficiency, etc.  
     (Old English slaw sluggish; related to Old High German sleo dull, Old Norse slær, Dutch sleeuw slow)  
  slowly      adv  
  slowness      n  

1      (Brit)  
a    a deliberate slackening of the rate of production by organized labour as a tactic in industrial conflict  
b    (as modifier)  
go-slow tactics        (U.S. and Canadian equivalent)    slowdown  
  go slow  
2    intr   to work deliberately slowly as a tactic in industrial conflict  
slow burn  
      n   a steadily penetrating show of anger or contempt  
slow handclap  
      n     (Brit)   slow rhythmic clapping, esp. used by an audience to indicate dissatisfaction or impatience  
slow march  
      n     (Military)   a march in slow time  
slow match  
      n   a match or fuse that burns slowly without flame, esp. a wick impregnated with potassium nitrate  
slow-mo   , slo-mo  
Informal      short for       slow motion  
slow motion  
1      (Films, television, etc.)   action that is made to appear slower than normal by passing the film through the taking camera at a faster rate than normal or by replaying a video tape recording more slowly  
2    of or relating to such action  
3    moving or functioning at less than usual speed  
slow neutron  
      n     (Physics)   a neutron having a kinetic energy of less than 100 electronvolts  
slow time  
      n     (Military)   a slow marching pace, usually 65 or 75 paces to the minute: used esp. in funeral ceremonies  
slow virus  
      n   any of a class of virus-like disease-causing agents that are present in the body for a long time before becoming active or infectious and are very resistant to radiation and similar factors: believed to be the cause of BSE and scrapie  
      adj   slow in comprehension; unintelligent  
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