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1    the process or a period in which a permeable substance is soaked in a liquid  
2    liquid that has been soaked up or has seeped out  
3      (Also called)    soak            (Austral)   a small pool of water or swampy patch  

1    to make, become, or be thoroughly wet or saturated, esp. by immersion in a liquid  
2    when intr, usually foll by: in or into   (of a liquid) to penetrate or permeate  
3    tr; usually foll by: in or up   (of a permeable solid) to take in (a liquid) by absorption  
the earth soaks up rainwater     
4    tr; foll by: out or out of   to remove by immersion in a liquid  
she soaked the stains out of the dress     
5    tr     (Metallurgy)   to heat (a metal) prior to working  
6    Informal   to drink excessively or make or become drunk  
7    tr     (U.S. and Canadian)  
slang   to overcharge  
8    tr     (Brit)  
slang   to put in pawn  
9    the act of immersing in a liquid or the period of immersion  
10    the liquid in which something may be soaked, esp. a solution containing detergent  
11       another name for       soakage       3  
12      (Brit)   , informal   a heavy rainfall  
13    Slang   a person who drinks to excess  
     (Old English socian to cook; see suck)  
   soaker             n  
  soaking      n, adj  
      vb   tr   to soak or drench with or in water  
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