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a    a very reactive soft silvery-white element of the alkali metal group occurring principally in common salt, Chile saltpetre, and cryolite. Sodium and potassium ions maintain the essential electrolytic balance in living cells. It is used in the production of chemicals, in metallurgy, and, alloyed with potassium, as a cooling medium in nuclear reactors. Symbol: Na; atomic no.: 11; atomic wt.: 22.989768; valency: 1; relative density: 0.971; melting pt.: 97.81±0.03°C; boiling pt.: 892.9°C  
b    (as modifier)  
sodium light     
     (C19: New Latin, from soda + -ium)  

diphenylhydantoin sodium  
      n   a white soluble bitter-tasting powder used as an anticonvulsant in the treatment of epilepsy. Formula: C15H11N2O2Na  
pentobarbitone sodium  
      n   a barbiturate drug used in medicine as a sedative and hypnotic. Formula: C11H17N2O3Na,   (U.S. equivalent)    sodium pentabarbital  
Pentothal sodium  
      n      a trademark for       thiopentone sodium  
sodium amytal  
      n      another name for       Amytal  
sodium benzoate  
      n   a white crystalline soluble compound used as an antibacterial and antifungal agent in preserving food (E211), as an antiseptic, and in making dyes and pharmaceuticals. Formula: Na(C6H5COO),   (Also called)    benzoate of soda  
sodium bicarbonate  
      n   a white crystalline soluble compound usually obtained by the Solvay process and used in effervescent drinks, baking powders, fire extinguishers, and in medicine as an antacid; sodium hydrogen carbonate. Formula: NaHCO3,   (Also called)    bicarbonate of soda, baking soda  
sodium carbonate  
      n   a colourless or white odourless soluble crystalline compound existing in several hydrated forms and used in the manufacture of glass, ceramics, soap, and paper and as an industrial and domestic cleansing agent. It is made by the Solvay process and commonly obtained as the decahydrate (washing soda or sal soda) or a white anhydrous powder (soda ash). Formula: Na2CO3  
sodium chlorate  
      n   a colourless crystalline soluble compound used as a bleaching agent, weak antiseptic, and weedkiller. Formula: NaClO3  
sodium chloride  
      n   common table salt; a soluble colourless crystalline compound occurring naturally as halite and in sea water: widely used as a seasoning and preservative for food and in the manufacture of chemicals, glass, and soap. Formula: NaCl,   (Also called)    salt  
sodium cyanide  
      n   a white odourless crystalline soluble poisonous compound with an odour of hydrogen cyanide when damp. It is used for extracting gold and silver from their ores and for case-hardening steel. Formula: NaCN  
sodium dichromate  
      n   a soluble crystalline solid compound, usually obtained as red or orange crystals and used as an oxidizing agent, corrosion inhibitor, and mordant. Formula Na2Cr2O7,   (Also called (not in technical usage))    sodium bichromate  
sodium fluoroacetate  
      n   a white crystalline odourless poisonous compound, used as a rodenticide. Formula: Na(CH2FCOO)  
sodium glutamate  
      n      another name for       monosodium glutamate  
sodium hydroxide  
      n   a white deliquescent strongly alkaline solid used in the manufacture of rayon, paper, aluminium, soap, and sodium compounds. Formula: NaOH,   (Also called)    caustic soda      See also       lye  
sodium hyposulphite  
      n      another name (not in technical usage) for       sodium thiosulphate  
sodium lamp  
      n      another name for       sodium-vapour lamp  
sodium nitrate  
      n   a white crystalline soluble solid compound occurring naturally as Chile saltpetre and caliche and used in matches, explosives, and rocket propellants, as a fertilizer, and as a curing salt for preserving food such as bacon, ham, and cheese (E251). Formula: NaNO3  
Sodium Pentothal  
      n   Trademark      another name for       thiopentone sodium  
sodium perborate  
      n   a white odourless crystalline compound used as an antiseptic and deodorant. It is sodium metaborate with both water and hydrogen peroxide of crystallization. Formula: NaBO2.H2O2.3H2O  
sodium peroxide  
      n   a yellowish-white odourless soluble powder formed when sodium reacts with an excess of oxygen: used as an oxidizing agent in chemical preparations, a bleaching agent, an antiseptic, and in removing carbon dioxide from air in submarines, etc. Formula: Na2O2  
sodium phosphate  
      n   any sodium salt of any phosphoric acid, esp. one of three salts of orthophosphoric acid having formulas NaH2PO4 (monosodium dihydrogen orthophosphate), Na2HPO4 (disodium monohydrogen orthophosphate), and Na3PO4 (trisodium orthophosphate)  
sodium propionate  
      n   a transparent crystalline soluble substance used as a medical fungicide and to prevent the growth of moulds, esp. to retard spoilage in packed foods. Formula: Na(C2H5COO)  
sodium silicate  
1      (Also called)    soluble glass   a substance having the general formula, Na2O.xSiO2, where x varies between 3 and 5, existing as an amorphous powder or present in a usually viscous aqueous solution  
   See       water glass  
2    any sodium salt of orthosilicic acid or metasilicic acid  
sodium sulphate  
      n   a solid white substance that occurs naturally as thenardite and is usually used as the white anhydrous compound (salt cake) or the white crystalline decahydrate (Glauber's salt) in making glass, detergents, and pulp. Formula: Na2SO4  
sodium thiosulphate  
      n   a white soluble substance used, in the pentahydrate form, in photography as a fixer to dissolve unchanged silver halides and also to remove excess chlorine from chlorinated water. Formula: Na2S2O3,   (Also called (not in technical usage))    sodium hyposulphite, hypo  
sodium-vapour lamp  
      n   a type of electric lamp consisting of a glass tube containing neon and sodium vapour at low pressure through which an electric current is passed to give an orange light. They are used in street lighting  
thiopentone sodium   , thiopental sodium  
      n   a barbiturate drug used in medicine as an intravenous general anaesthetic. Formula: C11H17NaN2O2S,   (Also called)    Sodium Pentothal      See also       truth drug  
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