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1    the act or quality of acting or moving fast; rapidity  
2    the rate at which something moves, is done, or acts  
3      (Physics)  
a    a scalar measure of the rate of movement of a body expressed either as the distance travelled divided by the time taken (average speed) or the rate of change of position with respect to time at a particular point (instantaneous speed). It is measured in metres per second, miles per hour, etc.  
b       another word for       velocity       2  
4    a rate of rotation, usually expressed in revolutions per unit time  
a    a gear ratio in a motor vehicle, bicycle, etc.  
b    (in combination)  
a three-speed gear     
6      (Photog)   a numerical expression of the sensitivity to light of a particular type of film, paper, or plate  
   See also       ISO rating  
7      (Photog)   a measure of the ability of a lens to pass light from an object to the image position, determined by the aperture and also the transmitting power of the lens. It increases as the f-number is decreased and vice versa  
8       a slang word for       amphetamine  
9    Archaic   prosperity or success  
10    at speed   quickly  
11    up to speed  
a    operating at an acceptable or competitive level  
b    in possession of all the relevant or necessary information  
      vb   , speeds, speeding, sped, speeded  
12    to move or go or cause to move or go quickly  
13    intr   to drive (a motor vehicle) at a high speed, esp. above legal limits  
14    tr   to help further the success or completion of  
15    intr  
Slang   to take or be under the influence of amphetamines  
16    intr   to operate or run at a high speed  
17    Archaic  
a    intr   to prosper or succeed  
b    tr   to wish success to,   (See also)        speed up  
     (Old English sped (originally in the sense: success); related to spowan to succeed, Latin spes hope, Old Slavonic speti to be lucky)  
  speeder      n  

equivalent air speed  
      n   the speed at sea level that would produce the same Pitot-static tube reading as that measured at altitude  
film speed  
1    the sensitivity to light of a photographic film, specified in terms of the film's ISO rating  
2    the rate at which the film passes through a motion picture camera or projector  
group speed   , velocity  
      n     (Physics)   the speed at which energy is propagated in a wave. This is the quantity determined when one measures the distance which the radiation travels in a given time. In a medium in which the speed increases with wavelength the group speed is less than the phase speed, and vice versa  
      adj     (Photog)  
1    employing or requiring a very short exposure time  
high-speed film     
2    recording or making exposures at a rate usually exceeding 50 and up to several million frames per second  
3    working, moving, or operating at a high speed  
high-speed steel  
      n   any of various steels that retain their hardness at high temperatures and are thus suitable for making tools used on lathes and other high-speed machines  
landing speed  
      n   the minimum air speed at which an aircraft lands safely  
phase speed   , velocity  
      n     (Physics)   the speed at which the phase of a wave is propagated, the product of the frequency times the wavelength. This is the quantity that is determined by methods using interference. In a dispersive medium it differs from the group speed,   (Also called)    wave speed, wave velocity  
speed chess  
      n   a form of chess in which each player's game is limited to a total stipulated time, usually half an hour; the first player to exceed the time limit loses  
speed limit  
      n   the maximum permitted speed at which a vehicle may travel on certain roads  
speed skating  
      n   a form of ice skating in which contestants race against each other or the clock over various distances  
speed trap  
      n   a section of road on which the police check the speed of vehicles, often using radar  
speed up  
      vb   adv  
1    to increase or cause to increase in speed or rate; accelerate  
2    an instance of this; acceleration  
The past tense and past participle of speed up is speeded up not sped up  
wave speed   , velocity  
      n      other names for       phase speed  
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1    acceleration, celerity, expedition, fleetness, haste, hurry, momentum, pace, precipitation, quickness, rapidity, rush, swiftness, velocity  
2    barrel (along)     (informal, chiefly U.S. & Canad.)   belt (along)     (slang)   bomb (along), bowl along, burn rubber     (informal)   career, dispatch, exceed the speed limit, expedite, flash, gallop, get a move on     (informal)   go hell for leather     (informal)   go like a bat out of hell, go like a bomb     (Brit. & N.Z. informal)   go like the wind, hasten, hurry, lose no time, make haste, press on, put one's foot down     (informal)   quicken, race, rush, sprint, step on it     (informal)   tear, urge, zoom  
3    advance, aid, assist, boost, expedite, facilitate, further, help, impel, promote  
,       n   delay, slowness, sluggishness, tardiness  
2    crawl, creep, dawdle, delay, take one's time, tarry  
3    delay, hamper, hinder, hold up, retard, slow  

brisk, express, fast, hotted-up     (informal)   quick, rapid, souped-up     (informal)   streamlined, swift  
speed up     
accelerate, gather momentum, get moving, get under way, increase, increase the tempo, open up the throttle, put one's foot down     (informal)   put on speed  
   brake, decelerate, reduce speed, rein in, slacken (off), slow down  

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