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1    a link made by drawing a thread through material by means of a needle  
2    a loop of yarn formed around an implement used in knitting, crocheting, etc.  
3    a particular method of stitching or shape of stitch  
4    a sharp spasmodic pain in the side resulting from running or exercising  
5    usually used with a negative  
Informal   the least fragment of clothing  
he wasn't wearing a stitch     
6      (Agriculture)   the ridge between two furrows  
7    in stitches  
Informal   laughing uncontrollably  
8    drop a stitch   to allow a loop of wool to fall off a knitting needle accidentally while knitting  
9    tr   to sew, fasten, etc., with stitches  
10    intr   to be engaged in sewing  
11    tr   to bind together (the leaves of a book, pamphlet, etc.) with wire staples or thread  
12       an informal word for       suture       1b, 6     (See also)        stitch up  
     (Old English stice sting; related to Old Frisian steke, Old High German stih, Gothic stiks, Old Norse tikta sharp)  
  stitcher      n  

blanket stitch  
      n   a strong reinforcing stitch for the edges of blankets and other thick material  
buttonhole stitch  
      n   a reinforcing looped stitch for the edge of material, such as around a buttonhole  
cable stitch  
a    a pattern or series of knitting stitches producing a design like a twisted rope  
b    (as modifier)  
a cable-stitch sweater        (Sometimes shortened to)    cable  
chain stitch  
1    an ornamental looped embroidery stitch resembling the links of a chain  
2    to sew (something) with this stitch  
1    an embroidery stitch made by two stitches forming a cross  
2    embroidery worked with this stitch  
3    to embroider (a piece of needlework) with cross-stitch  
garter stitch  
      n   knitting in which all the rows are knitted in plain stitch instead of alternating with purl rows  
lazy daisy stitch  
      n   an embroidery stitch consisting of a long chain stitch, usually used in making flower patterns  
lock stitch  
      n   a sewing-machine stitch in which the top thread interlocks with the bobbin thread  
moss stitch  
      n   a knitting stitch made up of alternate plain and purl stitches  
running stitch  
      n   a simple form of hand stitching, consisting of small stitches that look the same on both sides of the fabric, usually used for gathering,   (Sometimes called)    gathering stitch  
satin stitch  
      n   an embroidery stitch consisting of rows of flat stitches placed close together  
     (C17: so called from the satin-like appearance of embroidery using this stitch)  
slip stitch  
1    a sewing stitch for securing hems, etc., in which only two or three threads of the material are caught up by the needle each time, so that the stitches are nearly invisible from the right side  
2    tr   to join (two edges) using slip stitches  
     (C19: from slip1)  
stitch up  
      vb   tr, adv  
1    to join or mend by means of stitches or sutures  
2    Slang  
a    to incriminate (someone) on a false charge by manufacturing evidence  
b    to betray, cheat, or defraud  
3    Slang   to prearrange (something) in a clandestine manner  
4    Slang   a matter that has been prearranged clandestinely  
stitch wheel  
      n   a notched wheel used by a harness maker to mark out the spacing for stitching  
stocking stitch  
      n   a pattern of stitches in knitting consisting of alternate rows of plain and purl stitch  
     (C19: so named because of its use in hosiery)  
tent stitch  
      n      another term for       petit point       1  
     (C17: of uncertain origin)  
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