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1    a tall, usually square or circular structure, sometimes part of a larger building and usually built for a specific purpose  
a church tower, a control tower     
2    a place of defence or retreat  
3    a mobile structure used in medieval warfare to attack a castle, etc.  
4    tower of strength   a person who gives support, comfort, etc.  
5    intr   to be or rise like a tower; loom  
     (C12: from Old French tur, from Latin turris, from Greek)  

conning tower  
1      (Also called)    sail   a superstructure of a submarine, used as the bridge when the vessel is on the surface  
2    the armoured pilot house of a warship  
     (C19: see con4)  
control tower  
      n   a tower at an airport from which air traffic is controlled  
cooling tower  
      n   a tall hollow structure in which steam is condensed or water that is used as a coolant in some industrial process is allowed to cool for reuse by trickling down a surface  
Eiffel Tower  
      n   a tower in Paris: designed by A. G. Eiffel; erected for the 1889 Paris Exposition. Height: 300 m (984 ft.), raised in 1959 to 321 m (1052 ft.)  
ivory tower  
a    seclusion or remoteness of attitude regarding real problems, everyday life, etc.  
b    (as modifier)  
ivory-tower aestheticism     
  ivory-towered      adj  
Martello tower   , Martello  
      n   a small circular tower for coastal defence, formerly much used in Europe  
     (C18: after Cape Mortella in Corsica, where the British navy captured a tower of this type in 1794)  
round tower  
      n   a freestanding circular stone belfry built in Ireland from the 10th century beside a monastery and used as a place of refuge  
shot tower  
      n   a building formerly used in the production of shot, in which molten lead was graded and dropped from a great height into water, thus cooling it and forming the shot  
tower crane  
      n   a rotatable cantilever jib on top of a steelwork tower used on building sites where the operator needs to command a good view of the site  
Tower Hamlets  
      n   a borough of E Greater London, on the River Thames: contains the main part of the East End. Pop.: 159000 (1994 est.). Area: 20 sq. km (8 sq. miles)  
Tower of London  
      n   a fortress in the City of London, on the River Thames: begun 1078; later extended and used as a palace, the main state prison, and now as a museum containing the crown jewels  
water tower  
      n   a reservoir or storage tank mounted on a tower-like structure at the summit of an area of high ground in a place where the water pressure would otherwise be inadequate for distribution at a uniform pressure  
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1    belfry, column, obelisk, pillar, skyscraper, steeple, turret  
2    castle, citadel, fort, fortification, fortress, keep, refuge, stronghold  
3    ascend, be head and shoulders above, dominate, exceed, loom, mount, overlook, overtop, rear, rise, soar, surpass, top, transcend  

ivory tower     
cloister, refuge, remoteness, retreat, sanctum, seclusion, splendid isolation, unreality, world of one's own  

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