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1    a deceitful, cunning, or underhand action or plan  
a    a mischievous, malicious, or humorous action or plan; joke  
the boys are up to their tricks again     
b    (as modifier)  
a trick spider     
3    an illusory or magical feat or device  
4    a simple feat learned by an animal or person  
5    an adroit or ingenious device; knack  
a trick of the trade     
6    a behavioural trait, habit, or mannerism  
7    a turn or round of duty or work  
8      (Cards)  
a    a batch of cards containing one from each player, usually played in turn and won by the player or side that plays the card with the highest value  
b    a card that can potentially win a trick  
9    can't take a trick  
slang   to be consistently unsuccessful or unlucky  
10    Informal   to produce the right or desired result  
11    how's tricks?  
Slang   how are you?  
12    Slang   (of a prostitute) to gain a customer  
13    to defraud, deceive, or cheat (someone), esp. by means of a trick  
     (C15: from Old Northern French trique, from trikier to deceive, from Old French trichier, ultimately from Latin tricari to play tricks)  
  tricker      n  
  trickless      adj  

confidence trick   ,   (U.S. and Canadian)   confidence game  
      n   a swindle involving money, goods, etc., in which the victim's trust is won by the swindler,   (Informal shortened forms)    con trick     (U.S. and Canadian)   con game  
con trick  
Informal      a shortened form of       confidence trick  
dirty trick  
1    a malicious and contemptible action  
2    pl  
a    underhand activity and machinations in political or governmental affairs  
b    (as modifier)  
dirty-tricks operation     
hat trick  
1      (Cricket)   the achievement of a bowler in taking three wickets with three successive balls  
2    any achievement of three successive points, victories, etc.  
Indian rope-trick  
      n   the supposed Indian feat of climbing an unsupported rope  
quick trick  
      n     (Bridge)   a high card almost certain to win a trick, usually an ace or a king: the unit in one of the systems of hand valuation  
three-card trick  
      n   a game in which players bet on which of three inverted playing cards is the queen  
trick cyclist  
      n      a slang term for       psychiatrist  
trick or treat  
      sentence substitute     (Chiefly U.S. and Canadian)   the cry by children at Halloween when they call at houses, indicating that they want a present or money or else they will play a trick on the householder  
trick out   , up  
      vb   tr, adv   to dress up; deck out  
tricked out in frilly dresses     
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1    artifice, canard, con     (slang)   deceit, deception, device, dodge, feint, fraud, gimmick, hoax, imposition, imposture, manoeuvre, ploy, ruse, scam     (slang)   sting     (informal)   stratagem, subterfuge, swindle, trap, wile  
2    antic, cantrip     (Scot.)   caper, device, feat, frolic, gag     (informal)   gambol, jape, joke, juggle, legerdemain, leg-pull     (Brit. informal)   practical joke, prank, put-on     (slang)   sleight of hand, stunt  
3    art, command, craft, device, expertise, gift, hang     (informal)   knack, know-how     (informal)   secret, skill, technique  
4    characteristic, crotchet, foible, habit, idiosyncrasy, mannerism, peculiarity, practice, quirk, trait  
5    do the trick        (informal)   be effective or effectual, have effect, produce the desired result, work  
6    bamboozle     (informal)   cheat, con     (informal)   deceive, defraud, delude, dupe, fool, gull     (archaic)   have (someone) on, hoax, hoodwink, impose upon, kid     (informal)   mislead, pull a fast one on     (informal)   pull the wool over (someone's) eyes, put one over on (someone)     (informal)   stiff     (slang)   sting     (informal)   swindle, take in     (informal)   trap  

trick out      , up  
adorn, array, attire, bedeck, deck out, doll up     (slang)   do up     (informal)   dress up, get up     (informal)   ornament, prank, prink  

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! every bad man will have his trick n.
chaque mauvais homme aura son mauvais tour

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beguile somebody (into doing something) to trick somebody into doing something, especially by being nice to them She beguiled them into believing her version of events.
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