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1    the soft diffused light occurring when the sun is just below the horizon, esp. following sunset  
   Related adj       crepuscular  
2    the period in which this light occurs  
3    the period of time during which the sun is a specified angular distance below the horizon (6°, 12°, and 18° for civil twilight, nautical twilight, and astronomical twilight, respectively)  
4    any faint light  
5    a period in which strength, importance, etc., are waning  
the twilight of his life     
6    modifier  
a    of or relating to the period towards the end of the day  
the twilight shift     
b    of or relating to the final phase of a particular era  
the twilight days of the Bush presidency     
c    denoting irregularity and obscurity  
a twilight existence     
     (C15: literally: half-light (between day and night), from Old English twi- half + light1)  
  twilit      adj  

Twilight of the Gods  
      n      another term for       Götterdämmerung       Ragnarök  
twilight sleep  
      n     (Med)   a state of partial anaesthesia in which the patient retains a slight degree of consciousness  
twilight zone  
1    any indefinite or transitional condition or area  
2    an area of a city or town, usually surrounding the central business district, where houses have become dilapidated  
3    the lowest level of the ocean to which light can penetrate  
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1    dimness, dusk, evening, gloaming     (Scot. or poetic)   gloom, half-light, sundown, sunset  
2    decline, ebb, last phase  
3    crepuscular, darkening, dim, evening  
4    declining, dying, ebbing, final, last  
,       n  
1    dawn, daybreak, morning, sunrise, sunup  
2    climax, crowning moment, height, peak  

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