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      vb   , -sets, -setting, -set   mainly tr  
1    also intr   to tip or be tipped over; overturn, capsize, or spill  
2    to disturb the normal state, course, or stability of  
to upset the balance of nature     
3    to disturb mentally or emotionally  
4    to defeat or overthrow, usually unexpectedly  
5    to make physically ill  
seafood always upsets my stomach     
6    to thicken or spread (the end of a bar, rivet, etc.) by forging, hammering, or swagging  
7    an unexpected defeat or reversal, as in a contest or plans  
8    a disturbance or disorder of the emotions, body, etc.  
9    a tool used to upset a bar or rivet; swage  
10    a forging or bar that has been upset in preparation for further processing  
11    overturned or capsized  
12    emotionally or physically disturbed or distressed  
13    disordered; confused  
14    defeated or overthrown  
     (C14 (in the sense: to set up, erect; C19 in the sense: to overthrow); related to Middle High German ufsetzen to put on, Middle Dutch opzetten)  
  upsettable      adj  
   upsetter             n  
  upsetting      adj  
  upsettingly      adv  
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