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      n   Cape. a cape in Senegal, near Dakar: the westernmost point of Africa  
   See also       Cape Verde  

Cape Verde  
      n   a republic in the Atlantic off the coast of West Africa, consisting of a group of ten islands and five islets: an overseas territory of Portugal until 1975, when the islands became independent. Official language: Portuguese. Religion: Christian (Roman Catholic) majority; animist minority. Currency: Cape Verdean escudo. Capital: Praia. Pop.: 400000 (1998 est.). Area: 4033 sq. km (1557 sq. miles)  
  Cape Verdean      adj, n  
Mesa Verde  
      n   a high plateau in SW Colorado: remains of numerous prehistoric cliff dwellings, inhabited by the Pueblo Indians  
vinho verde  
      n   any of a variety of light, slightly sharp-tasting wines made from early-picked grapes in the Minho region of NW Portugal  
     (Portuguese, literally: green (or young) wine)  
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