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1    a slender flexible strand or rod of metal  
2    a cable consisting of several metal strands twisted together  
3    a flexible metallic conductor, esp. one made of copper, usually insulated, and used to carry electric current in a circuit  
4    modifier   of, relating to, or made of wire  
a wire fence, a wire stripper     
5    anything made of wire, such as wire netting, a barbed wire fence, etc.  
6    a long continuous wire or cable connecting points in a telephone or telegraph system  
7    Old-fashioned  
a       an informal name for       telegram       telegraph  
b    the wire      an informal name for       telephone  
8    a metallic string on a guitar, piano, etc.  
9      (Horse racing)     (chiefly U.S. and Canadian)   the finishing line on a racecourse  
10    a wire-gauze screen upon which pulp is spread to form paper during the manufacturing process  
11    anything resembling a wire, such as a hair  
12    a snare made of wire for rabbits and similar animals  
13    down or up to the wire  
Informal   right up to the last moment  
14    get in under the wire  
Informal     (chiefly U.S. and Canadian)   to accomplish something with little time to spare  
15    get one's wires crossed  
Informal   to misunderstand  
16    pull wires     (Chiefly U.S. and Canadian)   to exert influence behind the scenes, esp. through personal connections; pull strings  
      vb   mainly tr  
17    also intr   to send a telegram to (a person or place)  
18    to send (news, a message, etc.) by telegraph  
19    to equip (an electrical system, circuit, or component) with wires  
20    to fasten or furnish with wire  
21    often foll by: up   to provide (an area) with fibre optic cabling to receive cable television  
22    to string (beads, etc.) on wire  
23      (Croquet)   to leave (a player's ball) so that a hoop or peg lies between it and the other balls  
24    to snare with wire  
25    wire in  
Informal   to set about (something, esp. food) with enthusiasm  
     (Old English wir; related to Old High German wiara, Old Norse vira, Latin viriae bracelet)  
  wirelike      adj  

barbed wire  
      n   strong wire with sharply pointed barbs at close intervals,   (Also called (U.S.))    barbwire  
barbed-wire grass  
      n     (Austral)   an aromatic grass, Cymbopogon refractus, with groups of seed heads resembling barbed wire  
chicken wire  
      n   wire netting with a hexagonal mesh  
fencing wire  
      n   a heavy-gauge galvanized wire used for farm fences  
      n   aircraft control through systems operated by electronic circuits rather than mechanical rods,   (Abbrev.)    FBW  
high wire  
      n   a tightrope stretched high in the air for balancing acts  
      vb   tr  
Slang   to start the engine of (a motor vehicle) by bypassing the ignition switch  
live wire  
1    Informal   an energetic or enterprising person  
2    a wire carrying an electric current  
long-wire aerial  
      n   a travelling-wave aerial consisting of one or more conductors, the length of which usually exceeds several wavelengths  
number eight wire  
      n     (N.Z)  
1    a standard gauge of fencing wire  
2    this wire or something similar used for emergency repairs  
razor wire  
      n   strong wire with pieces of sharp metal set across it at close intervals, used to make fences or barriers  
wire brush  
      n   a brush having wire bristles, used for cleaning metal, esp. for removing rust, or for brushing against a cymbal  
wire cloth  
      n   a mesh or netting woven from fine wire, used in window screens, strainers, etc.  
wire entanglement  
      n   a barrier or obstruction of barbed wire used in warfare  
1    a flat plate with slots in which standard wire sizes can be measured  
2    a standard system of sizes for measuring the diameters of wires  
wire gauze  
      n   a stiff meshed fabric woven of fine wires  
wire glass  
      n   a sheet glass that contains a layer of reinforcing wire netting within it  
wire grass  
      n   any of various grasses, such as Bermuda grass, that have tough wiry roots or rhizomes  
      adj   (of a missile) controlled by signals transmitted through fine wires uncoiled during the missile's flight  
      adj   (of an animal) having a rough wiry coat  
wire netting  
      n   a net made of wire, often galvanized, that is used for fencing, as a light reinforcement, etc.  
wire recorder  
      n   an early type of magnetic recorder in which sounds were recorded on a thin steel wire magnetized by an electromagnet  
   Compare       tape recorder  
  wire recording      n  
wire rope  
      n   rope made of strands of wire twisted together  
wire service  
      n     (Chiefly U.S. and Canadian)   an agency supplying news, etc., to newspapers, radio and television stations, etc.  
wire wheel  
1    a wheel in which the rim is held to the hub by wire spokes, esp. one used on a sports car  
   Compare       disc wheel  
2    a power-driven rotary wire brush for scaling or burnishing  
wire wool  
      n   a mass of fine wire used for cleaning and scouring  
1    of, relating to, or comprising a high-grade glazed paper, usually for writing  
2    woven of wire  
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live wire

ball of fire     (informal)   dynamo, go-getter     (informal)   hustler     (U.S. & Canad. slang)   life and soul of the party, self-starter  

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