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      vb   , writes, writing, wrote, written  
1    to draw or mark (symbols, words, etc.) on a surface, usually paper, with a pen, pencil, or other instrument  
2    to describe or record (ideas, experiences, etc.) in writing  
3    to compose (a letter) to or correspond regularly with (a person, organization, etc.)  
4    tr; may take a clause as object   to say or communicate by letter  
he wrote that he was on his way     
5    tr  
Informal     (chiefly U.S. and Canadian)   to send a letter to (a person, etc.)  
6    to write (words) in cursive as opposed to printed style  
7    tr   to be sufficiently familiar with (a specified style, language, etc.) to use it in writing  
8    to be the author or composer of (books, music, etc.)  
9    tr   to fill in the details for (a document, form, etc.)  
10    tr   to draw up or draft  
11    tr   to produce by writing  
he wrote ten pages     
12    tr   to show clearly  
envy was written all over his face     
13    tr   to spell, inscribe, or entitle  
14    tr   to ordain or prophesy  
it is written     
15    intr   to produce writing as specified  
16      (Computing)   to record (data) in a location in a storage device  
   Compare       read   1       16  
17    tr      See       underwrite       3a     (See also)        write down       write in       write off       write out       write up  
     (Old English writan (originally: to scratch runes into bark); related to Old Frisian writa, Old Norse rita, Old High German rizan (German reissen to tear))  
  writable      adj  

read-write head  
      n     (Computing)   an electromagnet that can both read and write information on a magnetic medium such as magnetic tape or disk  
write down  
      vb   adv  
1    tr   to set down in writing  
2    tr   to harm or belittle by writing about (a person) in derogatory terms  
3    intr; foll by: to or for   to write in a simplified way (to a supposedly less cultured readership)  
4    tr     (Accounting)   to decrease the book value of (an asset)  
5      (Accounting)   a reduction made in the book value of an asset  
write in  
      vb   tr  
1    to insert in (a document, form, etc.) in writing  
2    adv     (U.S.)  
a    to vote for (a person not on a ballot) by writing in his name  
b    to cast (a vote) for such a person by writing in his name  
  write-in     (U.S.)  
3    the act of voting for a person by writing his name on a ballot  
4    a candidate or vote that has been written in  
5    (as modifier)  
a write-in campaign     
write off  
      vb   tr, adv  
1      (Accounting)  
a    to cancel (a bad debt or obsolete asset) from the accounts  
b    to consider (a transaction, etc.) as a loss or set off (a loss) against revenues  
c    to depreciate (an asset) by periodic charges  
d    to charge (a specified amount) against gross profits as depreciation of an asset  
2    to cause or acknowledge the complete loss of  
3    to send a written order for (something)  
she wrote off for a brochure     
4    Informal   to damage (something, esp. a car) beyond repair  
5      (Accounting)  
a    the act of cancelling a bad debt or obsolete asset from the accounts  
b    the bad debt or obsolete asset cancelled  
c    the amount cancelled against gross profits, corresponding to the book value of the bad debt or obsolete asset  
6    Informal   something damaged beyond repair, esp. a car  
write out  
      vb   tr, adv  
1    to put into writing or reproduce in full form in writing  
2    to exhaust (oneself or one's creativity) by excessive writing  
3    to remove (a character) from a television or radio series  
write up  
      vb   tr, adv  
1    to describe fully, complete, or bring up to date in writing  
write up a diary     
2    to praise or bring to public notice in writing  
3      (Accounting)     (U.S.)  
a    to place an excessively high value on (an asset)  
b    to increase the book value of (an asset) in order to reflect more accurately its current worth in the market  
4    a published account of something, such as a review in a newspaper or magazine  
5      (Accounting)     (U.S.)  
a    an excessive or illegally high valuation of corporate assets  
b    a raising of the book value of an asset  
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author     (nonstandard)   commit to paper, compose, copy, correspond, create, draft, draw up, indite, inscribe, jot down, pen, put down in black and white, put in writing, record, scribble, set down, take down, tell, transcribe  

write off  
1    cancel, cross out, disregard, forget about, give up for lost, score out, shelve  
2      (informal)   crash, damage beyond repair, destroy, smash up, total     (slang)   trash     (slang)   wreck  

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