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1    adapted, applicable, apposite, appurtenant, apropos, apt, becoming, befitting, belonging, congruous, correct, felicitous, fit, fitting, germane, meet     (archaic)   opportune, pertinent, proper, relevant, right, seemly, suitable, to the point, to the purpose, well-suited, well-timed  
2    allocate, allot, apportion, assign, devote, earmark, set apart  
3    annex, arrogate, assume, commandeer, confiscate, expropriate, impound, pre-empt, seize, take, take over, take possession of, usurp  
4    embezzle, filch, misappropriate, pilfer, pocket, steal  
,       adj   improper, inappropriate, incompatible, incorrect, inopportune, irrelevant, unfitting, unsuitable, untimely  
2    withhold  
3 & 4    cede, donate, give, relinquish  
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     ( appropriates    3rd person present)   ( appropriating    present participle)   ( appropriated    past tense & past participle  )
The adjective is pronounced əproʊpriət. The verb is pronounced əproʊprieɪt.     
1       adj   Something that is appropriate is suitable or acceptable for a particular situation.  
oft it v-link ADJ that/to-inf, ADJ for/to n     (Antonym: inappropriate)    Dress neatly and attractively in an outfit appropriate to the job..., The teacher can then take appropriate action.     
  appropriately      adv   ADV with v, ADV with cl/group  
It's entitled, appropriately enough, `Art for the Nation'.     
2       verb   If someone appropriates something which does not belong to them, they take it, usually without the right to do so.  

Several other newspapers have appropriated the idea...      V n  

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