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1    further, however, moreover, nevertheless, on the contrary, on the other hand, still, yet  
2    bar, barring, except, excepting, excluding, notwithstanding, save, with the exception of  
3    just, merely, only, simply, singly, solely  
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1       conj   You use but to introduce something which contrasts with what you have just said, or to introduce something which adds to what you have just said.  
`You said you'd stay till tomorrow.'<emdash10001`I know, Bel, but I think I would rather go back.'..., Place the saucepan over moderate heat until the cider is very hot but not boiling..., He not only wants to be taken seriously as a musician, but as a poet too.     
2       conj   You use but when you are about to add something further in a discussion or to change the subject.  
They need to recruit more people into the prison service. But another point I'd like to make is that many prisons were built in the nineteenth century.     
3       conj   You use but after you have made an excuse or apologized for what you are just about to say.  
Please excuse me, but there is something I must say..., I'm sorry, but it's nothing to do with you..., Forgive my asking, but you're not very happy, are you?     
4       conj   You use but to introduce a reply to someone when you want to indicate surprise, disbelief, refusal, or protest.,   (feelings)    `I don't think I should stay in this house.'<emdash10001`But why?'..., `Somebody wants you on the telephone'—`But no one knows I'm here!'     
5       prep   But is used to mean `except'.  
n PREP n  
Europe will be represented in all but two of the seven races..., He didn't speak anything but Greek..., The crew of the ship gave them nothing but bread to eat.     
6       adv   But is used to mean `only'.  
FORMAL   ADV n, ADV num  
This is but one of the methods used to try and get alcoholics to give up drink., ...Napoleon and Marie Antoinette, to name but two who had stayed in the great state rooms.     
7       n-plural   You use buts in expressions like `no buts' and `ifs and buts' to refer to reasons someone gives for not doing something, especially when you do not think that they are good reasons.  
`B-b-b-b-but' I stuttered.<emdash10001`Never mind the buts,' she ranted..., He committed a crime, no ifs or buts about it.     
8    You use cannot but, could not but, and cannot help but when you want to emphasize that you believe something must be true and that there is no possibility of anything else being the case.  
cannot but      phrase   PHR inf     (emphasis)    The pistol was positioned where I couldn't help but see it..., She could not but congratulate him.     
9    You use but for to introduce the only factor that causes a particular thing not to happen or not to be completely true.  
but for      phrase   PHR n/-ing  
...the small square below, empty but for a delivery van and a clump of palm trees...     
10    You use but then or but then again before a remark which slightly contradicts what you have just said.  
but then/but then again      phrase   PHR cl  
My husband spends hours in the bathroom, but then again so do I.     
11    You use but then before a remark which suggests that what you have just said should not be regarded as surprising.  
but then      phrase   PHR cl  
He was a fine young man, but then so had his father been..., Sonia might not speak the English language well, but then who did?     
    all but  
    anything but  

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he can dish it but he can't take it n.
this expression means 'he is very good at criticizing others but he can't accept criticism from others'

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Diccionario colaborativo     Inglés Tesauro
the reason for which anything is done, created, or exists (le but)
Free On Board: A legal term meaning that when the seller loads merchandise for transportation, he bears full responsibility for it but if the merchandise is later lost or harmed, the buyer suffers the loss.
Everything one wants in life, but in a much more dramatic sense.
[Slang] Used in slang as an adjective since 2015. Instead of “these are my goals,” you would say, “Gigi Hadid is goals.”
A currency coin worth $1.00 in Canada. Bigger than a quarter but smaller than a tooney.
looney also can mean strange or weird. ex.He had always been a little bit looney.
[med.] of or relating to the medical consideration of the whole person in the treatment of a disease, not only physically but also taking into account mental and social factors rather than just the symptoms
Ex: That clinic offers a holistic medecine approach to treat both the body and the mind sometimes even using practises from eastern traditions such as meditation or acupuncture.
A thing which ought to be perfectly vertical but which through fault is slanting is said to be off plumb.
the complete opposite of a sugar daddy, one who tries, but is broke and fronting.
[Slang] salty mama
someone who re-posts a genuine online listing for a book at an inflated price on another website. If someone buys from the bookjacker, he buys the book from the original seller and provides him with the address of the customer. The bookjacker never sees or handles the book, but collects his margin.
[Bus.] Syn. dropshipper.
1. shoot with a firearm using a type of cartridge that contains gunpowder but neither bullet nor pellet. 2. [slang][fig.] be infertile and unlikely to impregnate a woman (due to various issues such as a low sperm count)
1.The squaddies were training, shooting blanks 2.We had been trying to have a baby for ages until a series of fertility tests revealed I was shooting blanks.
a person who thinks about being an entrepreneur or starting a business but never gets started.
have a powerful impact on someone; impress; generate an emotion (positive, but also negative)
it can be used to describe a feeling of fear or a positive emotion; e.g.: "This violin music gives me the chills" or "Being all alone in that old house after dark...it gave me the chills."
business linked to the Internet but also to traditional economy
relative to people who are attached but don't want to be too intimate with someone on whom they are dependent
Something that seems bad at first, like a fail or a misfortune, but later unexpectedly results in something good and beneficial
As for me I could say that was a double unbelievable blessing in disguise; firstly, the plane I missed crashed into the sea a few hours later and secondly, I met my future wife on the next flight!
when you are happy, people will want to be around you and share your happiness, but when you are sad, people will avoid you.
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