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1    closing, concluding, end, eventual, last, last-minute, latest, terminal, terminating, ultimate  
2    absolute, conclusive, decided, decisive, definite, definitive, determinate, finished, incontrovertible, irrevocable, settled  
   earliest, first, initial, introductory, maiden, opening, original, precursory, prefatory, premier, preparatory  
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  ( finals    plural  )
1       adj   In a series of events, things, or people, the final one is the last one.  
det ADJ   (=last)  
Astronauts will make a final attempt today to rescue a communications satellite from its useless orbit..., This is the fifth and probably final day of testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee..., On the last Saturday in September, I received a final letter from Clive.     
2       adj   Final means happening at the end of an event or series of events.  
ADJ n  
The countdown to the Notting Hill Carnival is in its final hours.     
3       adj   If a decision or someone's authority is final, it cannot be changed or questioned.  
The judges' decision is final..., The White House has the final say...     
4       n-count   The final is the last game or contest in a series and decides who is the winner.  
...the Scottish Cup Final...     
5       n-plural   Thefinals of a sporting tournament consist of a smaller tournament that includes only players or teams that have won earlier games. The finals decide the winner of the whole tournament.  
Poland know they have a chance of qualifying for the World Cup Finals.     
6       n-plural   When a student takes his or her finals, he or she takes the last and most important examinations in a university or college course.  
oft poss N  
Anna sat her finals in the summer.     

quarter-final        ( quarter-finals    plural  )
in AM, use quarterfinal      A quarter-final is one of the four matches in a competition which decides which four players or teams will compete in the semi-final.      n-count  
The very least I'm looking for at Wimbledon is to reach the quarter-finals.     
semi-final        ( semi-finals    plural  )
in AM, usually use semifinal      A semi-final is one of the two matches or races in a competition that are held to decide who will compete in the final.      n-count  
Steve Lewis won the first semi-final.     
      Thesemi-finals is the round of a competition in which these two matches or races are held., n-plural   usu the N  
He was beaten in the semi-finals by Chris Dittmar.     

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positive outburst of emotion; the final word in a string of lyrics by Michael Jackson.
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