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1    brand, category, class, condition, degree, echelon, group, level, mark, notch, order, place, position, quality, rank, rung, size, stage, station, step  
2    make the grade        (informal)   come through with flying colours, come up to scratch     (informal)   measure up, measure up to expectations, pass muster, prove acceptable, succeed, win through  
3    acclivity, bank, declivity, gradient, hill, incline, rise, slope  
4    arrange, brand, class, classify, evaluate, group, order, range, rank, rate, sequence, sort, value  

bad, bush-league     (Austral. & N.Z. informal)   chickenshit     (U.S. slang)   dime-a-dozen     (informal)   duff     (informal)   inferior, low-rent     (informal, chiefly U.S.)   not good enough, not up to snuff     (informal)   of a sort or of sorts, piss-poor     (taboo slang)   poor, poxy     (slang)   second-rate, substandard, tinhorn     (U.S. slang)   two-bit     (U.S. & Canad. slang)  
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  ( grades    plural & 3rd person present)   ( grading    present participle)   ( graded    past tense & past participle  )
1       verb   If something is graded, its quality is judged, and it is often given a number or a name that indicates how good or bad it is.  
Dust masks are graded according to the protection they offer...      be V-ed  
South Point College does not grade the students' work.      V n  
...a three-tier grading system.      V-ing  
2       n-count   The grade of a product is its quality, especially when this has been officially judged.  
with supp, oft adj N, N num  
...a good grade of plywood., ...a grade II listed building.     
      Grade is also a combining form., comb in adj  
...weapons-grade plutonium., ...aviation fuel and high-grade oil.     
3       n-count   Your grade in an examination or piece of written work is the mark you get, usually in the form of a letter or number, that indicates your level of achievement.  
with supp, oft adj N, N num  
What grade are you hoping to get?..., There was a lot of pressure on you to obtain good grades.     
4       n-count   Your grade in a company or organization is your level of importance or your rank.  
with supp  
Staff turnover is particularly high among junior grades.     
5       n-count   In the United States, a grade is a group of classes in which all the children are of a similar age. When you are six years old you go into the first grade and you leave school after the twelfth grade.  
usu with supp, oft ord N  
Mr White teaches first grade in south Georgia.     
6       n-count   A grade is a slope.  
She drove up a steep grade and then began the long descent into the desert.     
in BRIT, use gradient     
7       n-count   Someone's grade is their military rank.  
I was a naval officer, lieutenant junior grade.     
8    If someone makes the grade, they succeed, especially by reaching a particular standard.  
make the grade      phrase   V inflects  
She had a strong desire to be a dancer but failed to make the grade.     

grade crossing        ( grade crossings    plural  ) A grade crossing is a place where a railroad track crosses a road at the same level.  
  (AM)      n-count  
in BRIT, use level crossing     
grade school        ( grade schools    plural  ) In the United States, a grade school is the same as an elementary school.      n-var   oft in N  
I was just in grade school at the time, but I remember it perfectly.     
Weapons-grade substances such as uranium or plutonium are of a quality which makes them suitable for use in the manufacture of nuclear weapons.      adj   ADJ n  
...equipment which can produce weapons-grade uranium.     

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Term used to describe low grade marijuana. This type of marijuana is usually brown, seedy, dry. The term is also used by many pot heads to describe anything that is low grade.
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