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1    bulky, hefty, massive, ponderous, portly, weighty  
2    burdensome, difficult, grievous, hard, harsh, intolerable, laborious, onerous, oppressive, severe, tedious, vexatious, wearisome  
3    apathetic, drowsy, dull, inactive, indolent, inert, listless, slow, sluggish, stupid, torpid, wooden  
4    crestfallen, dejected, depressed, despondent, disconsolate, downcast, gloomy, grieving, melancholy, sad, sorrowful  
5    complex, deep, difficult, grave, profound, serious, solemn, weighty  
6    abundant, considerable, copious, excessive, large, profuse  
7    burdened, encumbered, laden, loaded, oppressed, weighted  
8    boisterous, rough, stormy, tempestuous, turbulent, violent, wild  
9    dull, gloomy, leaden, louring or lowering, overcast  
1    agile, compact, handy, light, slight, small  
2    bearable, easy, light, mild, moderate  
3    agile, alert, brisk, quick  
4    calm, cheerful, happy, joyful  
5    exciting, inconsequential, trivial, unimportant  
6    light, moderate, slight, sparse  
8    gentle, mild, moderate, soft, weak  

1    awkward, bungling, clumsy, graceless, ham-fisted     (informal)   ham-handed     (informal)   inept, inexpert, like a bull in a china shop     (informal)   maladroit, unhandy  
2    bungling, inconsiderate, insensitive, tactless, thoughtless  
3    autocratic, domineering, harsh, oppressive, overbearing  
1    adept, adroit, competent, dexterous, effectual, efficient, gentle, graceful, skilful, smooth  
2    considered, diplomatic, intelligent, prudent, sensible, smart, suitable, tactful, well-advised, well-thought-out, wise  
3    considerate, submissive, subservient  
crushed, depressed, despondent, discouraged, disheartened, dismal, downcast, downhearted, down in the dumps     (informal)   forlorn, heartsick, melancholy, miserable, morose, mournful, sad, sick as a parrot     (informal)   sorrowful  
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  ( heavier    comparative)   ( heaviest    superlative)   ( heavies    plural  )
1       adj   Something that is heavy weighs a lot.,   (Antonym: light)    These scissors are awfully heavy..., The mud stuck to her boots, making her feet heavy and her legs tired.     
  heaviness      n-uncount  
...a sensation of warmth and heaviness in the muscles.     
2       adj   You use heavy to ask or talk about how much someone or something weighs.  
how ADJ, as ADJ as, ADJ-compar than  
How heavy are you?..., Protons are nearly 2000 times as heavy as electrons.     
3       adj   Heavy means great in amount, degree, or intensity.  
usu ADJ n  
Heavy fighting has been going on..., He worried about her heavy drinking..., The traffic along Fitzjohn's Avenue was heavy.     
  heavily      adv   ADV after v, ADV -ed/adj  
It has been raining heavily all day.     
  heaviness      n-uncount  
...the heaviness of the blood loss.     
4       adj   Someone or something that is heavy is solid in appearance or structure, or is made of a thick material.,   (Antonym: light)    He was short and heavy...     
  heavily      adv   ADV -ed  
He was a big man of about forty, wide-shouldered and heavily built.     
5       adj   A heavy meal is large in amount and often difficult to digest.   (=filling)     (Antonym: light)    He had been feeling drowsy, the effect of an unusually heavy meal.     
6       adj   Something that is heavy with things is full of them or loaded with them.  
LITERARY   v-link ADJ with n   (=laden)  
The air is heavy with moisture...     
7       adj   If a person's breathing is heavy, it is very loud and deep.,   (Antonym: light, shallow)    Her breathing became slow and heavy.     
  heavily      adv   ADV after v  
She sank back on the pillow and closed her eyes, breathing heavily as if asleep.     
8       adj   A heavy movement or action is done with a lot of force or pressure.  
ADJ n     (Antonym: gentle)    ...a heavy blow on the back of the skull...     
  heavily      adv   ADV after v     (Antonym: gently)    I sat down heavily on the ground beside the road...     
9       adj   A heavy machine or piece of military equipment is very large and very powerful.  
ADJ n  
...government militia backed by tanks and heavy artillery.     
10       adj   If you describe a period of time or a schedule as heavy, you mean it involves a lot of work.  
usu ADJ n   (=busy)  
It's been a heavy day and I'm tired...     
11       adj   Heavy work requires a lot of strength or energy.  
usu ADJ n  
The business is thriving and Philippa employs two full-timers for the heavy work.     
12       adj   If you say that something is heavy on another thing, you mean that it uses a lot of that thing or too much of that thing.  
v-link ADJ on n  
Tanks are heavy on fuel and destructive to roads.     
13       adj   Air or weather that is heavy is unpleasantly still, hot, and damp.   (=oppressive)  
The outside air was heavy and moist and sultry.     
14       adj   If your heart is heavy, you are sad about something.  
LITERARY, Antonym: light   Mr Maddison handed over his resignation letter with a heavy heart.     
15       adj   A situation that is heavy is serious and difficult to cope with.  

I don't want any more of that heavy stuff.     
16       n-count   A heavy is a large strong man who is employed to protect a person or place, often by using violence.  
INFORMAL   They had employed heavies to evict shop squatters from neighbouring sites.     
    to make heavy weather of something  
    a heavy hand  

heavy cream     
Heavy cream is very thick cream.  
  (AM)      n-uncount  
in BRIT, use double cream     
A heavy-duty piece of equipment is very strong and can be used a lot.      adj   usu ADJ n  
...a heavy duty polythene bag...     
If you say that someone's behaviour is heavy-handed, you mean that they are too forceful or too rough.      adj  
...heavy-handed police tactics...     
heavy industry        ( heavy industries    plural  ) Heavy industry is industry in which large machines are used to produce raw materials or to make large objects.      n-var  
  (Antonym: light industry)   
heavy metal        ( heavy metals    plural  )
1       n-uncount   Heavy metal is a type of very loud rock music with a fast beat.  
oft N n  
...a German heavy metal band named The Scorpions.     
2       n-count   A heavy metal is a metallic element with a high density. Many heavy metals are poisonous.     (TECHNICAL)  
Someone who is heavy-set has a large solid body.      adj   (=thick-set)  
1       adj   Something that is top-heavy is larger or heavier at the top than at the bottom, and might therefore fall over.  
...top-heavy flowers such as sunflowers.     
2       adj   If you describe a business or other organization as top-heavy, you mean that it has too many senior managers in relation to the number of junior managers or workers.,   (disapproval)    ...top-heavy bureaucratic structures.     

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a heavy cotton fabric of plain weave; used for clothing or tents
also known as "cotton duck" or "duck canvas"
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