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1    central, essential, inside, interior, internal, intestinal, inward, middle  
2    esoteric, hidden, intimate, personal, private, repressed, secret, unrevealed  
3    emotional, mental, psychological, spiritual  
1    exterior, external, outer, outside, outward  
2    exposed, obvious, overt, revealed, surface, unconcealed, unrepressed, visible  
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1       adj   The inner parts of something are the parts which are contained or are enclosed inside the other parts, and which are closest to the centre.  
ADJ n     (Antonym: outer)    Wade stepped inside and closed the inner door behind him.     
2       adj   Your inner feelings are feelings which you have but do not show to other people.  
ADJ n  
Loving relationships will give a child an inner sense of security...     

inner child     
Some psychologists refer to a person's childish feelings as his or her inner child.      n-sing   oft poss N  
For me, recovery has been all about finding my inner child and accepting her.     
inner circle        ( inner circles    plural  ) An inner circle is a small group of people within a larger group who have a lot of power, influence, or special information.      n-count   usu sing, oft N of n  
...Mr Blair's inner circle of advisers.     
inner city        ( inner cities    plural  ) You use inner city to refer to the areas in or near the centre of a large city where people live and where there are often social and economic problems.      n-count  
...helping kids deal with the fear of living in the inner city...     
inner tube        ( inner tubes    plural  ) An inner tube is a rubber tube containing air which is inside a car tyre or a bicycle tyre.      n-count  

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