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1    agent, commercial traveller, rep, salesman, traveller  
2    archetype, embodiment, epitome, exemplar, personification, type, typical example  
3    agent, commissioner, councillor, delegate, depute     (Scot.)   deputy, member, member of parliament, M.P., proxy, spokesman, spokeswoman  
4    archetypal, characteristic, emblematic, evocative, exemplary, illustrative, symbolic, typical  
5    chosen, delegated, elected, elective  
4    atypical, extraordinary, uncharacteristic  
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  ( representatives    plural  )
1       n-count   A representative is a person who has been chosen to act or make decisions on behalf of another person or a group of people. union representatives...     
2       n-count   A representative is a person whose job is to sell a company's products or services, especially by travelling round and visiting other companies.  
FORMAL   usu with supp  
She had a stressful job as a sales representative.     
3       adj   A representative group consists of a small number of people who have been chosen to make decisions on behalf of a larger group.  
ADJ n  
The new head of state should be chosen by an 87 member representative council.     
4       adj   Someone who is typical of the group to which they belong can be described as representative.  
oft ADJ of n  
He was in no way representative of dog-trainers in general.     
  representativeness      n-uncount  
...a process designed to ensure the representativeness of the sample interviewed.     
5       n-count   In the United States, a Representative is a member of the House of Representatives, the less powerful of the two parts of Congress.  
    House of Representatives  

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abbreviation for representative
[Informal] E.g.: press rep
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